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  • new van planning crystal ball needed
  • trout
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    First a bit of history

    self employed flooring installer. ( posh name for carpet fitter ha ha ) .

    current van is a VW T 5 Kombi  lwb  had it since 2005  and mileage 160,000

    my age 63 in august

    would like a new van to see me through to retiring and to use in my old age until I am knackered and dead.

    should be able to keep the old one running for maybe 2 years with out huge expense I hope

    but what to replace it with .Diesel seems to be on the way out .

    Electrickery ????

    Petrol so vw do one now is that a good option .

    so what do I get for my last van.  ,   by the way i aint getting a car  hate cars like vans

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    New transit custom? Very refined from the last one I sat in heated seats and all that

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    2 years from now should be enough to see how those petrol T6s are doing. The higher output one is getting good reviews now. I would probably head towards one of them if your mileage isn’t too high.

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    Vito if you want it to last without major expense.

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    Eu6 engines won’t be verboten in major cities for a very long time. That said I went with petrol for our kodiaq (180bhp 5-stroke weirdness) as it saved me £2k and it still gets 35mpg for 1700kg 4×4 brick. Currently looking at caravelles & the 204bhp TSI looks tempting (same engine, different tune). Its so much quieter & smoother than a diesel, but still has the grunt if you need it by swapping from 5-stroke to 4-stroke valve timing & piling in the boost.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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