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  • New UK importer for BOS?
  • batman11

    Mr plow. Then look for jtech I did speak to them and they seemed sorted guys very helpfull on the phone.


    just got my devilles back from jtech was a having a few probs which should have been a warranty issue but due to no uk service centre i used jtech.very good to deal with forks now feel great!!..didnt charge much more than it would have cost me to post forks to ireland.
    spoke to mad elk wasnt convinced! they said they had just got back from bos after being trained.They didnt have any tools or spares yet!.
    sent six emails to bos to see what to do with forks none replied to.
    great forks….crap customer service would put me off buying again.hope someone in the uk takes on the distribution soon.


    Many forums prohibit a business advertisement in topics. The comment was formed as how to find us and present great news about new open dealership and warranty center in Ireland(optionally UK) 😀
    Mr plow, andyl you’re looking at it wrong way. There’s no intention to hide behind. Otherwise I’d came out as someone else. Wouldn’t I? 😉

    You shouldn’t have bothered trying to dig yourself out of that hole and just let it lie, pabloxxl. I think you’ll need a JCB to get out of this one. All you’ve done is bring this fail back up to the first page. 🙄

Viewing 4 posts - 46 through 49 (of 49 total)

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