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  • New type xt rear brake drama's HELP
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    Check for leaks – if there aren’t any leaks have a go at bleeding again. It is one of these two things – still no joy – get a shop to sort it.

    how much do you reckon a shop should charge to sort it?

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    Hasn’t this proved to be lever/reservoir seals previously?

    right I have bleed again there is something wrong can you get new seals?

    HI everyone I am having proper trouble with my rear xt brake.

    When I pull the lever the resistance increases as it should then all of a sudden it drops off and goes to the bar. I have bleed the brake using several different methods. I am pretty sure its air free.
    Anyone any ideas?????????????

    I need these brakes for a week today for my alps trip no pressure! (see what I did there)


    Pop the wheel out give the lever a few squeezes so the pistons sit slightly more proud off the calipers than before, keep trying til the lever/brake feels sharp again

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    Shimano don’t do spares for the brakes. New calliper!! Just try a bike shop to get it sorted soonest.


    If you’ve got no visible leaks, and no air in the system, it’ll be fluid getting past the primary seal in the master cylinder (the one that creates braking pressure).Take them straight back to the shop for warranty return to Madison, who are normally excellent with their warranty turnaround.


    Sounds the same as what happened to mine.
    It got returned to Madison under warranty and they replaced it (eventually).
    If you’re in a rush you might need to buy a replacement and get a refund when they decide its knackered.

    ye I am going to have a try at returning to Madison tomorrow.
    will they deal with me? I got these from Germany I think

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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