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  • New Trails & Pumptrack at Sutton Bank
  • tomd
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    The new bit of green trail and pump track at Sutton Bank are open now. It’s of zero interest to any enduro warriors but great family fun. Just a heads up for anyone who is looking for another way to entertain the kids.

    The green trail is mega wide but with a few good corners and bumps. There were little kids on balance bikes having a good time and older kids hooning it. Pump track is a proper professionally designed one.

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    Stumbled across it by accident today – its very impressive! The green trail is great, my kids loved it, and it’s obviously been built with accessibility in mind.
    The pump track is HUGE and very good also.
    I had a quick chat to the lady in Sutton Bank Bikes, apparently it was only finished last week but they haven’t advertised it at all yet as the area is pretty much at covid capacity as it is (was very busy there today, but not many on bikes). All paid for by our friends in the EU too!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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