New trails in the Forest of Dean

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  • New trails in the Forest of Dean
  • I was in the Forest of Dean today and had a quick look at the new singletrack that they’re building. It follows the original 10 mile route approximately.

    There’s a load of berms and it looks quite swoopy. Sadly they bulldozed a really good root climb out of the way to build some motorway climb.

    I think that will be my main complaint – it’s a bit too sanitised in some respects. Then again, it’s great to see some new trail coming on.

    Has anyone taken a look at it?


    yeh I have ridden most of it, I live near which helps 😀

    agreed, the swooping berms are good fun, but it does take away some of the rawness of the existing trails, which appear to have been paved over to some extent, but the existing trails were not maintained and there was no signage or structured routes

    it’s a compromise between having a dedicated and maintained trail for visitors, aimed at less technically competent riders than would attempt Cwmcarn or Afan red routes,

    I was expected a paving of the Enduro route and a blue grade trail like Cannock, which hasn’t happened, thank fully, happy with it, but the FoD has much more to offer 😉


    the FoD has much more to offer

    +1 keep up the shovelling lads 😉

    Is there any info on the web about the plans?


    some information and updates on website
    they state it should be open ready for the school hols.


    Must admit the switchback climb is good on the SS CX bike. I know, I was just going out the that bike. Thats where I am going. Now!

    Where do these trails start – I’ve been there and couldn’t find any red routes? Only the family trails?


    The start and finish has just been created, same location as the free miner trail. You can,t miss it really

    I was down there sunday think it is a bit of an eyesore.Will colour down.I know this is an obvious statement but its all the same surface.Wheres the fun in that??????.I know the Forest well you get loads of different surfaces.downhill runs/rooty runs/rocky bits Dowies etc.The natural stuff changes and is not as hard.
    Who is it aimed at the family trail people?Certainly not amied at the keen mountain biker.The FODCA trail was miles better than this.

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