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  • barn

    1 – yes, no tape needed (just do valve up tight
    2 – you can use levers, just go easy
    3 – I’ve only used UST, but should be fine
    4 – should be OK if you mount tyre properly – best try it at home first rather than on a cold hill!

    good luck


    I have crossmax st and have been running them tubeless for about a year.
    Slightly different to your set up as I use UST tyres.

    You wont need rim strips as the rim is sealed.
    If you use proper tubeless valves they are self sealing.
    Not sure on problems with using tubeless ready tyres.
    If you want to put a tube in its as easy as any other rim.

    One of the best benefits of a UST rim is the way the tyre pops into and sits in the UST bead. It means that tyre buckles are a thing of the past. Even the non UST tyres I have used with tubes have all done this too.

    For what its worth I have never used any type of sealant in the tyres and have never had any leaks or burps. I have had 2 punctures but these have been from massive thorns. I run Stans crest rims on another bike and attempted on 2 occasions to convert to the rim strip/tubeless ready tyres and sealant method but gave up due to the faff and mess of sealant. I swap between Nobby Nics and Racing Ralphs and all inflate easily with just a Joe blow pump.


    Mary Hinge

    Tubeless Ready tyres will require sealant. Which is straightforward.

    Everything else is …..errr….straightforward, especially if you have run tubeless before.

    i need (read: want) a pair of mavic crossmax st’s 🙁


    If you’ve got UST rims might as well use UST tyres. They’re so much less hassle than tubeless ready – no need for goo, no burping, and I can even seat my UST Maxxis on my Shimano rims with the mini-pump I carry with me riding.

    Premier Icon FOG

    Just bought my 1st set of UST wheels and although I have used tubeless before I thought I had better ask a few daft questions instead of the bull in china shop method I usually use!
    1 I assume no rim tape is necessary, how about other sealing say round valve hole?
    2 THe instuctions say don’t use tyre levers, is this gospel? [they are Shimano rims]
    3 the tyres I am putting on are only tubeless ready not UST will this be a problem?
    4 If idon’t want to go tubeless how hard to put tubes in?


    no need for goo

    don’t ust rims and ust tyres combo still need sealant?


    don’t ust rims and ust tyres combo still need sealant?

    Only if you want the puncture protection of goo. Its not needed to seal the tyre walls, bead, or valve. Where I ride there aren’t any thorns, so I’ve been running without goo since I went tubeless 6 months ago, and not had any problems.


    don’t ust rims and ust tyres combo still need sealant?

    Nope but you will need to top up the air more often than without.


    1 – You get a removable sealed valve (at least with xm819’s) supplied with the rim/wheel. Has a rubber lump (square/rectangle) which sits in the well of the rim as you push the valve through, then a rubber ring for outside which sits inside the thread nut thing.

    2 – Err, I have on occasion been known to use levers when trying to fit non-tubeless ice spikers (see answer 4), however all the UST tyres have gone on with soapy water, thumbs and I generally use a track pump rather than a hand pump. I don’t own a compressor.

    3 – No idea, I’ve only used UST tyres with UST rims.

    4 – Easy – remove the valves from the rim, fit tube and tyres as usual, I’ve not had problems with any except ice spikers which are a grade A “baby fish”. Be gentle removing the valve to protect the rubber ring and thread everything back together to prevent loss of individual parts.

    I’ve given up on using sealent too – I’ve had 1 tyre with a slow that required it but nothing else in 4 1/2 years of cycling YMMV.


    I’ve always used sealant as well, I’ve actually removed three thorns from one tubeless UST tyre, so I might continue with the goo.

    Belt and braces, as they say.


    I have a set of NoTubes Flow EX rims with Continental Barons on. I used three layers of insulation tape to seal the spoke holes (tubeless ready) and a few scoops of Stans sealant. Never had an issue, but I used proper rim strips when converting a non-tubless rim.


    if you are carrying an emergency tube – make sure its the correct valve type (presta)

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