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  • rickt

    As a first time iphone user…..

    How about a Iphone 4 8gb on Vodafone. £21 a month, 2year contract 600 mins a month plus 500mb internet.

    Then can install sat nav apps etc,sku5950089&phoneType=null&skuType=phoneSku&selection=null&from=phoneSku&_requestid=105948

    Premier Icon jambalaya

    Suggest you speak to mates who have smart phones, see what they and have a play.

    FWIW I hardly use my phone for calls, it’s not really a phone as such it’s a computer but with a small screen. Most use is email and web browsing including midweek mini movies and other online video inc BBC iPlayer, photos and listening to music. I do send a few texts inc to mates abroad using free Internet and make free/very cheap international calls via internet.

    I do all of this with an iPhone on a contract with unlimited data costing about £35 month, you can do likewise on other smart phones like Samsung etc

    Premier Icon nuke

    For my first smartphone I bought a Nexus 4 and then got a Virgin Mobile sim…absolutely love the phone. Comparatively I’m paying equivalent to £17 a month over a 24month contract (Nexus was £240, sim is £7 a month) which is good value for money imo.


    Blackberry is pump anything else is better.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    How about a Iphone 4 8gb

    By the time you throw the OS on there and a couple of apps and any kind of off line mapping (if you choose that) it’s going to get very full.

    Go and have a play with some, set a budget and see what your mates have.

    I would suggest that Andriod offers a phone for all budgets and uses.

    Nexus 4, Galaxy S 3/4 or HTC ONE. Definitely go android, the stock google navigation is not only the best but also free and is probably going to get much better with their acquisition of waze.


    So my old school nokia 5230 has finally died, I use around 400 mins a month and lots of text, if i had internet i guess i would use it. I also am in the market for a sat nav, so combining the 2 seemed the sensible option.

    So what advice has everyone got.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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