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    Any opinions on the new Hope quick release skewers and seat-clamps? I didn’t get on with the old ones with the round ball end – the new ones look as if they’d be better.

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    I’ve got a new 30mm one, a size they’ve only just started doing.
    I fitted it, tightened it up…..that’s it! I’ve noticed a small bit of slippage but not a lot, so undid it and tweaked the nut.
    I have the older type too on another bike, the new one feels like it has a longer ‘handle’…. it feels comfortable when tightening.
    ….and mine’s black!!!
    Ummmm that’s about it!!!


    I got a 30mm last week – very nice, the lever is much nicer than the old ones but the silver tightening nut sticks out a bit compared to the old ones. Needs to be very tight to stop slippage.
    Still loads better than cheap generics, Salsa’s and the OnOne cnc I had. I think the biggest plus point is the big brass push which they still have and the others don’t.

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    A friend has just taken his new seat clamp off as his post (Thompson) was slipping in his Ti frame, despite being very tight

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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