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  • New Spaniel Hernia
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    Due to pick up our new puppy any day now and the breeder informed us last night that she has a small hernia. We will speak to her today to get more details so at the moment thats all we know. Googling suggests if it needs repairing then we should wait until after she has had her first season. Obvs we will take the breeders advice (well established and been breeding spaniels for decades) and speak to our vet but the STW experience and advice is always golden!

    ps our current spaniel Monty had his check up at the vets and the small lumps nothing to worry about. Thanks for all of your comments and advice on that thread.
    Here is a picture of our latest edition taken a few weeks ago.. to avoid the ban hammer!

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    Our spaniel has an umbilical hernia, it doesn’t seem to bother her and it’s never got any worse in the two years we’ve had her. It’s just a small lump on her belly. The vet just said to keep an eye on it and if anything changes it’s quite easy to operate on and remove. If it does need operating on and you have to wait, if you’re getting her spade they could do it at the same time so it’s only one dose of anaesthetic then cone of shame.

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    Just me who thought that Hernia was a strange name for a puppy then?

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    One of the Cocker puppies we bred had an umbilical hernia.

    It won’t get any bigger than it is right now…. So as she grows the lump will look smaller and smaller.
    It will not cause any problems but it’s advisable not to breed from her.

    If you do get her spayed then the vet will simply make a slightly longer cut and tie it back in.

    Frankly nothing to worry about but some people do anyway.

    Cute puppy 👍

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    We had five pups, decided to keep one, and one had a small hernia, so he was the one we kept, not wanting anyone else to have problems. He was one of the best dogs we ever had, lived to be nearly 17, and the tiny hernia never mattered. It was more noticeable as a pup, but by the time he was grown (big dog) it seemed tiny. I’d post a pic if I knew how to!

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    Thanks all. Reassured by the breeder who tells us the hernia is less than a cm in size and our vet also assured us it was nothing to worry about. panic over nothing by the sounds of it.

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