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  • New SLX 10 speed Dyna Sys shifters
  • As above. Removed the shifter windows on these but cannot find the blanking plates. Are they included like the old 9 speeds or am I going mad?



    I have the 2012 SLX shifters and the blanking plates were to be found on the window part that you have removed, on the surface which faced against the bar when fitted with windows installed. If that makes sense. They sit very flush.

    Cheers PGreen. Bought them in a drive train kit and now wondering if they are missing. The window does not have a blanking plate with mine? So stumped. Will speak to bike shop in morn.


    If they’re the m670 SLX then no, they do not come as standard like the older m666 (as I have both).

    You will need to order the specific covers (check the shimano tech doc for part no…cos I can’t remember) at £1.99 each through your lbs or crc.

    Think there is a back order until May (according to Madison).

    I’m just using black electric tape for now.

    Matther01 I think they are. Good idea on the tape as I can see crap getting in easily. Cheers


    Speak to the outfit that sold you the kit.

    If that is the bike shop you are going to contact then great…carry on.

    If that bike shop didn’t sell you the kit then have a bit of respect for them. Don’t expect them to clear up problems caused by the likes of CRC or Wiggle. If one of these million-pound-turnover-major-discount-outfits caused you a problem…take it back to them to fix. Don’t expect a little outfit to help you unless you are going to pay them for their time, because you are effectively asking them to help put themselves out of business.

    Relax Billyboy it was a local bike shop.

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