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  • jon1973

    What’s the best way to put guttering on a shed with a pitched roof where the eaves overhang? Most guttering seems to attach to what would be the soffit board which means on my new shed the gutter would not extend out far enough to catch the water running off the roof. Can you get supports that attach to eaves (which would need to be angled)? Can’t seem to find any on line, so I’m thinking my only option is to screw a length of wood on to the shed and attach the gutter support to that to bring out the level by an inch or so. Also, the roof extents over the front, which means if I attach the guttering to the side of the shed, the there will be about a foot which won’t be supported, which where I wanted to put the downpipe in to a water butt. Any ideas?


    You don’t need to attach a length of wood along the entire shed, just a block at each gutter attachment point would be fine.

    Guttering is reasonably stiff so would be self-supporting for the foot or so that it extends out under the ‘porch’ bit, assuming a single length of half-pipe which has an attachment/support on the corner of the shed. The downpipe would normally be attached to the wall of the shed so wouldn’t be supported by the guttering, in your case it looks like it’ll be too far from the wall to attach, so would have to be supported at the point where it enters the water butt.

    Other options would be to put the downpipe at the corner of the shed, it doesn’t have to be right at the end of the run of guttering. A bit like this:

    Or the outlet from the half-pipe could be at the end, and then a couple of angles could direct the downpipe back to the wall for support, a bit like this (use some imagination, I CBA googling an image of the exact layout…):

    Either of the above would be preferable to just running a downpipe vertically from the end of the gutter into a butt.


    As a temporary measure, I fitted guttering to my shed angled to the roof, rather than level as it would normally be as I didn’t have anything to make angled brackets at the time. It’s been like that for over a year now, and it works perfectly.
    Having a lip for the water to drip off the felt into the gutter is more important. You could unfix yours and fold it back under itself or cut it and glue it down with a straight overhanging edge.


    IIRC I just attached some blocks of wood to the underside of the eves of the shed so I could screw the mounting brackets into them.

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