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  • trail_rat

    Would i be right in thinking the 2.0hdi all share the same engine and box with different tunes on the engine.

    Has anyone else experianced premature clutch failure ? My dad called up on monday saying he reckons the clutch on his vans slipping- bought new 2.0hdi dispatch with 18k on clock. – on hills the revs climb and the speed decreases!

    Looked into it a bit further and found another lad in cycling club with a 13 plate blingo also needing a new clutch at 21k

    How hard a fight are they going to have with citroen to warrenty a “wear item”

    Its off to the dealer on friday- just wondering if this is common place.


    New shape (mk3) berlingos only come with the 1.6, it’s the mk2 that has the 2.0 option, which is I believe different to the new dispatch.

    Anyhow, no clutch issues on my new shape blingo, touch wood.


    spend a couple of grand and get an old 2.0 hdi one or a 1.9 diesel if you like feeling like a farmer



    I already have a 1.9d partner but my dad needed something newer and less likely to spend time in the workshop…. Just away to order a clutch kit for mine thanks to the plastic cased valeo release bearing exiting stage left. – it did tow an lwb hi top transit home once though a couple months back.

    Citroen admit somethings wrong in thier test drive today are going to investigate an oil leak…. But have said if it turns out to be a clutch my dads liable….. I bet oil leak or not its going to be a clutch ……

    Previous 08 transit did 180k before he ditched it with injector /pump issues

    And hes never replaced a single clutch in the past 25 years hes driven.

    Premier Icon Wally

    my old 2.0HDI did 108,000 on clutch.

    No it’s not a common issue, nor is an oil leak onto the clutch, the dealer now has to send pictures or premature failures/oil leaks to warranty with vehicle ID in the picture, ask to be sent the pictures also, it is normal warranty procedure to warn a customer if Iike your dad there is a possibility when the box is removed and say the friction plate is worn to the rivets from resting your foot on the clutch or other customer led damage. Then no dealer/manufacturer would cover damage if customer induced. But ask to see the part for your self of if not local ask to be sent the e mailed pics. Hope it turns out to be an input shaft seal leaking and contaminated the clutch so it’s all covered for you!!!


    Cheers chris , my fears were not unfounded. Got a call last week when i was offshore. Sure as shit they said it was clutch not the seal ( they had the van for a week before diagnosing) came back with a bill for 699 for the clutch inc fitting.

    They got told we would be up to collect the tools out the van and would be returning it as not fit for purpose and they should make arrangements with citroen as such. Ive towed all manor of things i shouldnt have over the years with my peugeot partner and never melted a clutch to the point of slip – inc a full size transit and a 1200kg engine….. Let alone in about a year of pretty tame use by comparison .

    suddenly citroen have had a change of heart and are changing the clutch foc.

    Meanwhile i did some digging via a tame mechanic mate i use alot who used to work for franchise of same brand dealer this is not the first time this particular dealer has pulled this stunt although from one of his stories you would think the dealer would have learnt his lesson.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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