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  • New Santa Cruz Bronson what do you think
  • Jeffus

    100 bored angry cynical fecks”….has he been on here?
    I REALLY like the sweary Santa Cruz guy!
    Nice to hear it’ll be longer,lower and slacker than ‘usual’.
    NOW I’m interested.

    Great video he is spot on 😀 it is one of the ones 🙂

    Gorgeous but I prefer the tracer 275. “Neil donoghue won the entire GE series on a 26er last year,” and the year before Box won it on a tracer 29er.

    JCL – if a 26 and a 29 have the same bb height in absolute terms, then why would bb height relative to axle height have an affect on the overall CoG?

    Premier Icon roverpig

    Yes, fun video, but his closing comment, along the lines of “if you can’t tell the difference why do you mind” is just crying out for the response “because you are forcing me to ditch all the 26″ stuff I’ve spent years buying”. Of course it’s no big deal if you just buy and sell complete bikes. But if you tend to buy frames etc and build bikes up yourself then all these (non)standards (of which wheel size is just the latest in a long line) are a right pain.


    and the year before Box won it on a tracer 29er.

    The key difference is; nobody is saying 29ers are good/bad. Quite relevant given the context,

    Cock in your eye Santa Cruz- I have never liked your bikes.


    So basically, they only made it because enough people wanted ?

    Probably the same as how 29 ers as so much in the mainstream now.


    Premier Icon Paceman

    It looks a fun bike, I’d like a go. Not bothered what the wheel size is, don’t like the yellow colour though.

    Premier Icon FuzzyWuzzy

    Wow, is this the forum for special people? You all talk so much shit.

    lol, I’ve never seen the STW forum summed up quite so succinctly before


    My LBS has just had a carbon Bronson in. Apparently there are only 5 or 6 in the U.K at the minute. They were building it up today and let me have a peek, so it will probably be out on display/for sale tomorrow. I took a couple of cheeky phone snaps. Frame is nice in the flesh.

    Edit: It’s Swinnos Cylces at Cannock Chase if anyone is looking for one.

    Premier Icon somouk

    Swinnos had an orange Santa Cruz swinging in the shop a couple of weeks back that had a £6500 price tag!!

    Nice bike but a bit extortionate, I wonder what this one will be up at?


    They are listed as £6020 i think! The Tallboy LT Carbon you’re on about is still hanging up by the door.


    The price is so high it actually makes the bike ugly IMO. I’d rather keep my stumpy and invest the £4k in cake. I will however be popping in on sunday to have a look.

Viewing 13 posts - 91 through 103 (of 103 total)

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