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  • New saddle time. Recommendations.
  • Premier Icon lotto
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    Not been impressed by my Charge Spoon or Fizik Gobi. Much discomfort to start a seconds day ride on them both. Thinking WTB speed pro, or other recommendations.

    Premier Icon CaptainFlashheart
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    Almost everyone I know who’s tried a Specialized saddle likes them.

    Blingy pimp Phenom is my choice, fitted to my pert posterior, obviously.

    Premier Icon rascal
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    Charge Spoon…or the very uncomfortable-sounding Charge Knife πŸ˜‰
    I have one on the Trigger and one on the roadie.

    Premier Icon siwhite
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    Brooks Cambian scooped job for me. Lurrvley.

    Premier Icon njee20
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    Spesh +1, although I really like my Bontrager Evoke RXL

    Premier Icon greentricky
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    Spesh gets my vote, Charge spoon was horrendous and gave me sores πŸ™

    Premier Icon AndyRT
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    Brooks cambium c17

    Premier Icon jabbi
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    I have several different saddles lurking about, Fizik Gobi Xm and Bontrager Evoke RL are alright for a couple of hours, battered old Selle Italia Flite is good for about 4 hours but the one that stays comfy for time is a Charge Bucket that cost 8 quid, weighs a ton and frankly looks shite!
    The best thing to do, is beg, borrow or steal as many different types as possible till you find what works for you.

    Premier Icon jonnyrockymountain
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    Spesh henge for me

    Premier Icon robowns
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    I like my WTB Silverado but it got pretty wobbly on the rails pretty quickly for a Β£70 quid saddle.

    Premier Icon oink1
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    Charge spoon or WTB volt for my posterior πŸ™‚

    Premier Icon JollyGreenGiant
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    You must have a very different arse from me.The Gobi and Fabric Scoop have been great for me, as was Fizik Arione. Less good were the,F Fizik Tundra, wtb speed v and prologo zero.

    Premier Icon unovolo
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    the one that stays comfy for time is a Charge Bucket that cost 8 quid, weighs a ton and frankly looks shite

    Designwise thinks that’s pretty much based on the Selle italia Turbo which I too find comfortable.
    That said the most comfortable for me is Selle San Marco REGALe like this…

    Premier Icon funkmasterp
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    Chromag trailmaster ltd, lovely comfortable leather saddle or SDG Bel Air 2.0.

    Premier Icon deadkenny
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    Spoon… oh πŸ˜‰

    Well, for the majority who love them they’re great. Weird folk is another matter πŸ˜›

    “Much discomfort to start a seconds day ride on them “

    You only gave it a day’s ride to judge?

    Premier Icon davewalsh
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    I’ve also tried a spoon and a gobi and didn’t get on with either of them. I keep going back to the original SDG bel-air. I also have the bel-air 2.0 on one bike but it isn’t as comfy as the original.

    Premier Icon tang
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    Spesh and astute here. Mind you fabric gave me a new scoop which isn’t bad at all, much nicer than the spoon.

    Premier Icon fd3chris
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    Another one for the Chromag Trail master. Comfy and durable and looks good.

    Premier Icon yossarian
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    Selle Italian SLR is the nicest I’ve used since the original SDG satellite.

    Premier Icon holst
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    SDG Bel-Air is my long-time favorite.

    Premier Icon pickle
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    Madison Flux (pretty much the same as a Spoon) the most comfortable saddle I’ve had and only about Β£20

    Premier Icon reggiegasket
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    SDG Bel-Air 2.0 here. Mate has a Fabric one that is comfy too.

    Spesh Romin on the roadies.

    Premier Icon warpcow
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    Everyone saw the part in the OP where he said the Charge Spoon didn’t work, right? πŸ˜‰

    I sort of get on with the Spoon, and they’re alright value, but I’ve had too many that began to creak, or where the padding became not very padded very quickly. I went to a Bel Air 2.0 recently and it’s much, much better, especially in terms of comfort.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith
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    Saddle fitting app
    (Sort of NSFW)
    Answer one that fits, flat better than shaped maybe? Whats the discomfort like?

    Premier Icon JefWachowchow
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    I am also in a minority where the Charge Spoon creases me. I have tried many saddles and thought I had found ‘my fit’ when I started using the WTB Pure V (fatty bastard weekend warrior edition).

    My latest bike arrived with an ANVL Forge. Honestly the most comfy saddle I have ever tried. I now have one on each of my bikes.

    Being super aware how subjective saddle fit can be, I would never recommend one, but would like to share my experience with a lesser known brand that needs more exposure as they are not easy to get hold of at the moment.

    Premier Icon aphex_2k
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    Anyone tried the charge scoop?

    some random old SPESH saddle on my ht and giant connect on my trance. SPESH is way comfier

    Premier Icon aphex_2k
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    Decent cycling shorts make a huge difference yoo

    Premier Icon big_scot_nanny
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    I’m also in the ‘hell no’ camp for fizik or spoon.

    Most comfy saddle by a country mile is the Selle SMP plus – but it’s got a high tail which makes getting off the back, and back on again without snagging a bit trickier than usual.

    Second most comfy for my Arse is sdg bel air, although I have managed to snap the rails on 2 of them in crashes.

    Third is a specialised thingy that came with my stumpy, but only if wearing my favouritest mostest comfy bib shorts ( castelli), otherwise my taint is rawer then fresh beef tartar. With capers.

    Premier Icon iainc
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    ISM saddles on all the bikes, either road or mtb versions.

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