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  • any body used a sdg falcon? are they any good? looks a similar shape to the gobi?

    I want something shape/size wise like a fizik gobi xm but stiffer/more rigid with little to no flex

    ive got a spoon on at the mo, but its a little to wide for my skinny bum

    im now on my 3rd gobi in about 1.5years, 2 cracked and one currently the saddle cover has literally peeled off all over and its creaking!

    so im not keen at all on spending/wasting more money on them, plus i was beginning to dislike the armchair/wallowy feel of it, BUT the shape suits me really well

    so what other saddles out there are like the gobi shape wise, but nice and solid/firm like the charge spoon?

    jeez i know generally the mtb community are fatty bum bum middle aged blokes, but surely there must be some slim people out there? 😉


    Original Flite Ti if you can get one. Only saddle I have had on par for Gobi comfort but a bit more basic. Last ages too.

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    Have you tried a knife? Very similar to a spoon, but a little less of it…

    Or a spesh toupe? Really quite narrow


    I use Gobi saddles but fitted a Syncros XR1.0 to the XC bike because I had the opportunity to get it really cheaply. It took a few rides to get comfy but is now my favourite.

    It’s pretty narrow and has very firm thin padding but is comfy for all day rides. If I’m seated for long periods on the Gobi I get numb nuts but not on the Syncros.


    Im a skinny guy and ive been through loads of saddles. Never tried a gobi, on both my bikes i use a tioga spyder and a selle italia SLR.

    Love the tioga – looks like a cheese grater but seems to work well for me.


    I’m slender of rear and have found Planet X team ti rails to be comfy. It’s not really an mtb saddle as it has a fabric strip down the centre. But I’ve used it on my mtb for 2 years plus.

    Also have a superstar race sadde, carbon rails very light. I find both equally comfy although different shapes.

    I’ve managed to borrow a demo sdg blender rl! It looks similar to a fizik tundra 2 and seems more racy, ie flat and longish and pretty hard with less padding, which Im after!

    I also put it side to side next to a gobi and it’s got a very similar shape so hopefully it will fit the same/Similar to that as I like the shape of the gobi

    Ill report back as ill be testing it tomoz night!


    I have a skinny arse. Like you, the spoon is ok, but just not right.

    The specialized body geometry saddles are excellent.

    Exactly how I’d sum the spoon up, it’s ok and rideable but just not right

    The gobi however was right size wise for my butt, but not so great in the wear, wollowy/armchair feel etc etc

    This blender does look ‘right’ so fingers crossed it will be a good saddle, well no harm in trying it as its a demo

    Fizik tundra 2 for my “no arse”

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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