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  • new saddle – anyone tried these?
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    I’ve just put a rocket v race on my nerve am. I rate it highly. This is my first full susser, and I didn’t realise how much time you spend sitting on the saddle. I am used to charge spoons and cube rfr on hard tails, but the race v is light given its size and padding. Youll find it for £35 online.

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    Have tried them both (and loads of others) and now sticking with WTB as they seem to suit me better than anything else.

    I haven’t tried a Silverado (how much!!!!) but shape and design looks very similar so I would think either of those two you’ve linked would be fine.


    Wiggle have one SQ Lab 150 mm left at £45. This is half rrp and they are very comfy as an alternative.


    my current saddle a WTB silverado is wearing pretty thin, so i’ve been looking at a couple of new saddles. I did have a selle italia on my new canyon, but hated it – the ‘wings’ split bit at the back really got in the way when i dropped off the back for steep bits, so i switched back to the silverado.

    I’ve had a look at these:

    anyone got any advice / experience of these 2? I’m not overly bothered on weight as i’m fairly hefty anyway! But i’d rather not pay much more than £30 odd.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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