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  • Premier Icon peteimpreza

    Just moved to a new house and the current router (6 or 7 years old Netgear DG834G) is not up to the job.

    I need something with more range and wall penetrating power.

    What does the STW hive minde suggest?


    I got one of these bad boys earlier this year

    Oh sorry, wrong type of router……..

    But back on topic, I chased in Cat5 round our place as I was plissed off with some wifi devices working in the lounge but others wouldn’t. Hardwiring is more secure and if you haven’t started redecorating your new gaff yet………?


    Can heartily recommend the Billion 7800n.

    More on them on STW:

    Edited to say that our house is a big solid lump of 1800s brickwork, 7800n in downstairs front left corner room and iplayer on ipad works throughout the house.

    That said, I’ve connected the TV and our lodger’s computer using homeplugs!

    Premier Icon peteimpreza

    Cat5 not an option sadly.

    Will check out that billion bit of kit tomorrow


    We use the Billion here in Oz – had two dud units supplied first off, but ours hasn’t been rebooted in more than two years and we never have a peep out of it. Looks to be ultimately configurable too (though aside from setting up WPA2 etc, we’ve not really touched ours)


    I tried the billion router but still struggled to get a decent signal in some of the upstairs rooms, so sent it back to Amazon

    I’m now running a Apple airport extreme, with a airport express on the landing which extends coverage

    Sets up very easy with the apple software


    Thinking beyond the router, another option would be to go with a homepage wifi extender kit as discussed on this thread earlier:

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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