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  • New Rockshox Pikes – Compared to 32 Revs/Floats?
  • ChunkyMTB

    Most reports seem pretty positive. I’m just waiting for OEM, or second hand hardly used ones to surface 🙂


    I can’t help with the Rev/32 part but I’ve been on a new set of Pike RCT3 for a couple of weeks now.

    They are very sensitive on small bumps with almost no stiction at all, for an air fork they are really impressive in that sense, the other thing is that they really do ride high in their travel, I was on some 34 CTD before that came on my stumpy they used to dive terribly under braking but the pikes resist it really well.

    I’m 75kg and running 60psi which is 5psi less than the RS chart and running two bottomless tokens and it feels spot on.

    They are really light to which is also a benefit! Off to north Wales for 5 days in the next couple of weeks to visit Antur,revoloution, penmancho etc. so that should be a good test for them.

    Only thing I’ve not been impressed with is the blinking rebound adjuster has fallen out! Should have see that coming!


    Premier Icon kiwijohn

    Do it.
    My old 32’s were a wet noodle compared to my new Pikes.

    cheers so far folks – boxxer nice little report just what im after!

    im only light too and i think i run 65-70psi in my 2013 solo air revs at the min

    sorry if this sounds dumb but what the hell are bottomless tokens?

    kiwijohn / boxxer have you any pics?


    I tested a bronson with them on the other day and I currently have fox rl forks. Night and day IMO so much so I’ve bought a pair for my new build. Especially when they can be had for £600

    golfchick, german sites i take it? im tempted to buy them to from germany, sure if something goes wrong they would be ok to be sorted in the uk

    and whats more its impressive they blow the 34 chassis fox’s out of the water like boxxer says

    im after them for the stiffness/bigger chassis but by the sounds of it the new charger damper is pretty special too!

    has anyone used both in anger? more importantly gone from a revs/floats to the new pike?

    is it night and day difference in terms of performance or just marketing hype?

    cant believe they weigh almost the same as a set of the newest type of revs and less than most fox floats

    considering getting a set, with a big birthday coming up and treating myself (and from money from others etc), will be used around peak district so will get a fair old bit of abuse!

    any reports on them/pics appreciated! 🙂

    niceeee, althought ive not seen the white ones before, they look good with your frame though, really good infact!

    its weird but the stanchions just dont look ‘beefy’ to me? not like say a 34/36 fox where you can tell in the pics they are bigger, the pikes just look like normal revs to my eye!

    ahhh bawls, ive just thought of something quite important, can i even run this fork in my headtube?

    ive got a tapered headset? i currently run a standard 1 1/8th fork with a hope reducer thing

    but the listing on these forks says 1.5 tapered?!?!?

    please tell me its possible 🙁

    Premier Icon kiwijohn

    Tapered is tapered I think.
    Sit them next to a 32 & you’ll see they’re a lot chunkier.

    i hope so, but the new five frames are 1.5 headtubes, and i know they obviously fit as they do the RS five with them on

    but ive no idea on mine, all i know is its tapered…..i hope they fit frame is only 6 months old cant be that out of date already 🙁

    Premier Icon momo

    There is only one standard of tapered steerer, 1.5->1 1/8th.

    Next question, where’s the best place to buy the new Pikes, I quite fancy a set for my BFe.

    rob jackson

    how do they compare to dual position rc2dh lyriks?

    Premier Icon richmtb

    What chance is there of them appearing with a standard 1 1/8″ steerer?


    Another vote for Pikes here over Revs & X-Fusion (all on 29ers) and Fox (vs 26″). Think they are all-round awesome. Damping is up there with BOS when things get interesting, but with the plushness on the smaller stuff of a Fox.


    Looked at X-fusion’s 2014 lineup?

    Premier Icon kimbers

    has anyone ridden the cheaper RC version?

    they are OEM on a bke im looking at

    I think ill miss by marzocchi rc3tis too much


    Oscillate all you would need to do is run your headset without the hope adapter, you have a 1.5 crown race on top of it.

    phewwww glad they will fit 🙂

    yep CRC are pretty cheap but not in stock @ 599


    oscillate is your headset the 2 top cup ans lower so you have to run the silver adapter on you 1 1/8 and the 1.5 crown race on top?

    moseymtb thats just noise to me 😆

    i have no idea what you just wrote

    i know its a tapered headset and to run my standard 1 1/8th forks i had to have a hope adaptor?

    the lbs fitted it all for me as these headset rules confuse me


    ha, if you have a big metal lump on your steerer in between your crown race it is deffo standard taper and the pikes will fit.

    What year frame is it?

    its a 2012 five pal, really really wanna know now, quite concerned as these are by far the one and only set of forks ive got my mind set on!

    ive had the current forks off before, but never noticed a big metal clump just a crown race?

    the headtube is definitely wider at the bottom as the bearing for the headset is much bigger on the bottom than the top


    2012 is the same as mine, the pikes will definitely fit.


    but you are running 1 1/8 now? on a taper you would need a reducer on the fork unless it’s the hope reducer bottom cup. Im pretty sure the 5 needs the internal bottom cup and adapter to run 1 1/18.

    You might need a new bottom cup but they are only £28.

    mosey that sounds right in your last post, i think i had a 1 1/8th cup fitted to the bottom to accept my current 1 1/8th fork! that sounds right yep! the headset was fitted from new to accept my 1 1/8th standard fork

    so ill obviously need a new bottom cup but that should be fine still?

    thanks alot bud, we’ll get there!

    and i say its a 2012 one, i had it from new in middle of jan 13 so its really a 2013 one so to speak, the very last of the current 26ers anyways!


    yep, are you sure if you take your fork off there isn’t one of these :-

    nope there defintely isnt, where should it sit?? above the crown race?

    you know what the funny thing is you should mention is, there is a slight gap where the forks sit in the cup, like its not totally flush? i always assumed it should be properly sealed with no gaps?

    i must say it also doesnt quite sometimes feel right when im climbing putting pressure, like theres a bit of play…but when you rock the bars side to side etc there is no movement

    please tell me ive not been running this wrong? (was setup by LBS before anyone has a pop not my hamfistedness!)


    it would be attached to your forks and then the 1.5 crown race sits into the actual headset.

    does you bottom cup sit external to the headtube?

    nope, you cant see the headset cups like a traditional 1 1/8th hope headset, there are no external cups on mine neither top or bottom, if you wanna take it to email mosy i can email you?

    cheers for the help though!


    does the bottom cup sit flush or look like this?

    nope doesnt look like that at all, there is no hope writing on mine, nothing cup wise is visible

    ive got a pic i can email you across?

    mine looks like that pic on that page!

    the cups look like the are integrated?


    so you should deffo have the silver thing above fitted as a 1.5 race would be too big for your 1 1/8 fork.

    Was it a full build? are you sure your forks are 1 1/8?

    nope i bought it as a frame only, the lbs built it up for me from scratch….forks are defo 1 1/8th yep

    i remember having the conversation that id need a different cup for the bottom to accomodate the 1 1/8th steerer

    does that piece of metal act as a crown race? or is it something extra ontop of? i suppose my crown race could look like that, but ive always just looked at it like a crown race not noticed anything majorly different?


    OW – if you have a hope 1.5 bottom cup there has to be one of the adapters in there. if not there is something dodgy going on. it goes adapter, crown race, bearing, cup.

    As for the poke, I have a set, ran in les arc for a long weekend and the moors last weekend, so not a huge amount of time on them so far.

    However, they are fantastic, as previously mentioned, almost no stiction they site well in their travel (i.e. dont dive into it at the first sign of front braking)and for me, the best bit when compared to other forks I have owned is the very controlled damping – the adjusters are usable and have a notable affect on the way the fork operates (i.e. there isnt just a few clicks of adjustment and the rest is meaningless) and the damping is consistent through the travel.

    Very happy with them and well worth the money, esp considering the cost of a comparable fox unit.



    there would be the silver metal on the fork and then a 1.5 taper crown race that sits on top and goes into the headset like normal.


    worst case is you need a new bottom cup, but i didnt think the did a non external bottom 1 1/8 cup.

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