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    I’ve got the Stans 340 wheelset which have been good for me on 28c and 2.1 knobblies. 1550g or thereabouts. I got them cheap (£299) from Charlie TBM, think they’re £450 RRP, but you might find a deal.

    Probably would have gone for something on the Archetypes had I not found the Stans cheap.

    Premier Icon oxym0r0n

    Building these myself for disc duties on Cotic >X< and want something I can mainly run 28c tyres on (I have some crests if I want to run wider/lower pressure)

    So is there anything else I should be looking at apart from the H Plus Son Archetype??

    Don’t think I am really up for going the Carbon light bike route…

    Premier Icon oxym0r0n

    Forgot to say, already got a set of Pro2 hubs off a friend to build onto…

    Premier Icon cloudnine

    Something carbon from light bicycles

    Premier Icon martymac

    i use mavic cxp33 rims on my filter, along with dt comp spokes.
    no idea about weight, but i havent needed to true them in 18 months, im heavy too, just under 21.5 stone.
    i havent mentioned hubs, as you have some already.
    one thing i will note, having used some easton rims before switching to mavics on another bike, is that the mavic braking surface works better than some cheap rims.

    EDIT: Duh, you said you are using discs.


    My Cotic X has CXP33s as well. Been there for 3 1/2 years with one slight true just in case before a touring holiday last year. Bit like an Open Pro but sheds the crap better. Nowadays you can get wider rims which give the tyre a wider profile. My Pickenflick is running Pacenti CL23’s. 19mm inner width which pushes the 25mm Michelins out a bit and also is nice with 30mm Challenge Strada Biancas. Look at 29ers rims. The Pacentis are a bit pricey and I had mine because planet X gave me a big credit for screwing up the delivery time of the Pick


    I’ve got two sets built up, some DT240 on Stans 340 disc rims, these are super light and tubeless up nicely as you’d expect, no braking surface and I’ve taken the decals off so they look pretty stealth, about 12 months old and are mostly my good weather/road wheels and some racing they stayed totally true.

    Also have some Mavic open pro CD rims built onto XT hubs, these still look pretty cool as they don’t look like they have a brake surface. About two years old and are my winter wheels and what I use for 3peaks CX training so get battered a lot, still nice and true, the rims are heavier than the stans but they are eyelet-ed and feel a bit more sturdy.

    Stans are slightly wider, can’t say I feel any difference where riding but they do give a nicer, rounder shape to the tyre, I am using Vittoria TNT tubeless and they do measure up slightly wider than they should.

    I do fancy some pure road only for 28mm tyres, prob go for H plus son, they look cool, and have a similar shape to the stans, not too bothered about making them tubeless but I’ve heard others have done it no problem.

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