New road frame.

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  • New road frame.
  • alongo

    I have a Giant TCR SL which is great , it’s been put away for winter since mid October so haven’t rode it in a while, mostly Zwifting .I am having thoughts of replacing it for a change but not convinced I could do better and may regret it.Probably stick to rim brakes for summer. Ideas popping into my head are Trek Emonda, Canondale Caad 13. It would be for fast good weather riding. Anyone had any similar experiences.

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    Unless you would be buying something at a higher price point I doubt you would see significant benefits.

    If I was splurging on a road frame I would want at least 2 of aero, discs and light weight.

    But I’m happy with my (cracked) Supersix nano and have other things that need that sort of cash, so I’m approaching from a different perspective.


    Either spend a LOT of money on a very high end frame, or spend mine at all. Change for changes sake isn’t likely to bring you any real improvements.

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    For what purpose are you thinking of replacing? i.e. what performance criteria were you hoping to improve? Fit, weight, stiffness, bump compliance, handling? Or tyre clearance maybe?

    Without more info it is impossible to help greatly. Unless it is colour, aesthetics or shiny new thigistis – in which case crack on but only you will know what works for you.

    Thinking back I think most of my road frame changes have been for fit related reasons and the last one for compliance and tyre clearance.

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    I’ve just replaced my giant TCR with a Kinesis aethin (sp?). Partly it was because I wanted something with a non-pf bottom bracket, but it’s also got more tyre clearance, internal cables and a lot fewer scratches. It’s also a slightly better fit. Good enough reasons for me.


    Just fancy a change really , a bit more tyre clearance would be good.Had an Aithein, bit stiff for long rides, so comfort is important, although Ycr is not bad. Current frame is a great fit too and when I get back on it after a decent break I always think why am I thinking of changing it.To be honest it’s far more of a bike than i am as a rider, just bored musings after a long Christmas holiday.

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    I have the same discussion with myself twice a year when I winterise / spring clean my road bike.

    It’s now in it’s 16th year and probably get’s more comments than some of the carbon bling on clubruns for being unusually retro!

    I’d say it’s not worth changing for the sake of it, I’ve never known anyone buy a new road bike and suddenly get quicker with the exception of the odd former rower going from a 14 speed BSO to a ‘proper’ bike. Although there is a correlation between some fast guys riding fast bikes, I guess even clubruns have marginal gains!

    Unless you have a reason to want more speed (trying to join a faster group, start racing, do a big audax) and prepared to jump to something like a Venge/foil/propel/systemsix and couple it with other aero accessories then it comes down to comfort and do you like the colour.


    What do you want from the new frame that the old one does not provide? The TCR SL frame is a pro-level carbon frame with industry-standard geometry in a compact frame set. It’s is an absolute peach and you will struggle to find something that betters it.

    Personally, If I wanted to diversify my road bike experience, I’d go for high-end steel or titanium. A CAAD will have the same carbon stiffness, but steel will provide a different ride to the TCR.

    Full disclosure: I have a Defy SL, a Propel SL and some steel and titanium bikes. They do ride differently. If I was to trade the Defy and the Propel for one bike, it would be the TCR SL to replace then both with.

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