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    update :

    The bike has gone back i’m afraid. The new stem arrived and whilst it brought the reach to exactly where i wanted it, i then found i couldn’t get the bars low enough due to the taller headtube.
    I contacted the sellers (CRC) and had a chat with the nice chap who agreed that they would take it back.
    I’m gutted TBH as it’s such a lovely bike, if CRC had a 45cm i would have snatched their hands off.
    Hopefully i will get the refund and go shopping again.

    I have a fitting/bike test at Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op in Manchester next week for this bike :-

    EBC are selling it for £1099 and i’m testing a 44cm model. Strangely enough, the 44cm MEKK and the 48cm Colnago have a similar top tube but the MEKK has a shorter head tube and a steeper seat tube angle.

    Thoughts on the MEKK?


    Sounds like the right decision to be honest.

    Glad that CRC are being helpful.
    Good luck finding a more appropriate bike.

Viewing 2 posts - 41 through 42 (of 42 total)

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