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  • New rims – tubeless compatible – any recommends?
  • zelak999

    What rims do you guys recommend?
    I’ve heard that Stan’s Flow EX are the go to rims, what are they like for getting tyres on and off?
    I like the look of the WTB KOM i23 rims and the new Hope rims also look good but probably won’t be manufactured for aeons.
    Any other choices?
    Basic premise is tubeless compatible, robust, reasonably light and easy to get tyres on and off.
    I’m going to get them made up using Hope Pro 2 hubs that I have.


    I got stans flows and they just work

    I’ve had Flows (non-EX) for about 3 years now and a Flow EX on my other bike. They’re great rims – strong, wide and they work flawlessly with tubeless. I’m starting to think they’re probably overkill for XC though – at 2 -3 years I’d have expected most rims to need some truing but mine are still dead straight. If I was buying again, I’d consider something lighter I think.

    I don’t think you can get the standard Flow rims any more – they’re all (the slightly heavier) Flow EX versions. Unless you can find some old stock somewhere.


    A few people complain endlessly about not getting tyres on Stan’s rims, but I’ve yet to find one I couldn’t fit with my bare hands (various Maxxis, Schwalbe and Conti on Flows and Arch EX). I’m sure there are some that won’t work (I found several on my previous Mavic UST rim), but I think it’s less of an issue nowadays.


    Thanks for the replies, I tend to use high rollers or an Ardent on the rear in Summer.

    Premier Icon leo72

    Just built a pair of TL wheels with WTB Frequency i23 rims. I guess they are a little bit sturdier than the KOM. Will be using these wheels with my AM/FR bike, SC Bullit, so they will be tortured. 😉


    Hi there! Another vote for WTB! A set of WTB Frequency i25 rims built on Hope hubs does the job for me (I’m a 16 st bloke). The rims seem to be bombproof, I like them a lot.
    Bought them from CRC CLICKY
    More info: WTB Rims

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    Just ordered some DT Swiss 350 / Mavic EN821s from Moonglu

    Chose Mavic over WTB freq 23 & Stans Flow for two reasons…one was a recommendation from Neil and the other was cos the graphics looked better than Stans.

    Thirdly I just didn’t want the ubiquitous Hope/Flow combination (but wanted similar quality / weight).


    Just rebuilt my pro 2s with Spank Oozy rims. Lighter than the flows I was looking at and a bit cheaper. Look nice too and available in a few colours. Tubeless was a doddle using HDs, rim has a beadlock system, went up first time with a track pump and tyres went on using only hands.

    Website blurb


    I’m liking the look of the Spank Oozy rims in the blue, nice!

    Premier Icon Onzadog

    Budget? Rims from light bicycle are currently getting good feedback. I’ll be trying them next time I need rims.

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