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  • Premier Icon kayak23

    Very cute… bless.


    Wahoo time for more dog pictures 🙂

    congratulations, cracking little one there!

    Here’s Maisy at 10 weeks (today)

    I wont get any long rides out of her, but some easy pootles and runs are spot on.


    Very cute, but he won’t be your trail partner until his bones have developed which is at least 1 year, even gentle runs can cause problems. 😉 But when they are old enough, it is awesome.

    Premier Icon jamesgarbett

    How do you manage to get your dog to run with you when riding? Did it take a lot of training? I would love to ride with our whippet but I’m concerned she would be under my wheels or off after every sheep/squirrel/rabbit she spotted


    When I used to (previous dog), I always had the bike out with the dog around, even just pushing it along to get used to it. Therafter, the dog learns very quickly to stay out of the way. It’s just association/socialising type stuff..

    jamesgarbett – it depends on the breed & dog to be honest.
    My Welsh Springer happily runs behind or at the side, but then will dash anywhere when the see a squirrel / rabbit. My Collie on the other hand couldn’t give a monkey about any animal, but wants to be on front and will bark like a loon if they see a wind turbine.

    I started both off on lead and riding round a field – they soon get to know to stay immediately clear of the bike.

    Basically whatever the dog you need to be on your toes, and carry plenty of water for them, and keep an eye out for other riders, who won’t be expecting a dog…

    Hopefully it goes without saying that any dog near sheep that you have any doubt about needs to be on a lead, and pick up and bag your dogs sh*t!

    Premier Icon Tracey

    It taken 13 years since Surf died for the girls and Kevin to convince me to have another Boarder Collie. We had a three hour round trip last night to pick a new one and go back on Sunday to fetch her home. It will be a while till she is old enough to join in our rides and cant wait till she does

    Say hello to Fin

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    Cute puppies are teh awesumz.


    ^^^ What he said.

    Lovely looking pup there Tracey, good luck!


    Banff 9 years ago-

    Premier Icon HansRey

    awwww, what a cutie. We found out today that we’re getting a dalmatian in August. 😀


    Cute, I would love a pup but I always talk myself out of it due to the extra work and being tied to the house a bit more.

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