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  • New rear brake time..
  • skybluestu

    Have been running the 1st version of Avid elixer r brakes for X years now and although when properly bled and working were good stppers have had enough of sticking pistons and now constant bad performance. Got to the point now that I can’t even get them bled for some reason (cant get fluid through system so….Want to get a new brake.

    Power as quite heavy and want them to be good enough for Alps next year.

    Hope Tech M4 Evo (anyone got these versions and is the power up to scratch/better than previous models)
    Formula RO/The Ones
    Hope X2 Evo?

    To be put on a Spec Pitch Pro

    any experiences or suggestions of alternatives?


    Premier Icon chakaping

    Hi stu, do you just need a rear brake?

    I’ve got a mint Formula Mega left over from when the other one was stolen on a bike. Email in profile if interested for a very reasonable price.

    I’d certainly recommend Megas/The Ones anyway – my fave MTB brakes ever.

    Premier Icon mactheknife

    I like my Formula the Ones but they were so bloody expensive, great performance when bled properly but if i had to choose again i reckon i would go for some Shimano XT. Although saying that my mate got a set of R1s for 175 refurbished from the formuls website direct.


    Im looking to replace both eventually so want to buy new i think but thanks for the offer.
    CRC has a decent looking brake sale on at the mo and the Formulas seem within reach however I hve heard they are a pain to bleed etc. Really want something that is easily serviceable i suppose.

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