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  • alwillis

    Currently running a medium Whippet built up nice and light (SIDs, Mt Zoom carbon kit etc), but have decided its on the small side, and I want to see what all the fuss is about with these big (and in between size) wheels.

    So the options are:
    – a new Whippet frame (a size bigger- possibly a too big a jump)
    – something else either frame or full build.

    Basically my thinking out loud boils down to the question- whats out there, and whats good in terms of XC race bikes? Not got a huge budget- maybe up to £2000.

    Premier Icon njee20

    Trek Superfly 9.7? I’ve got a 9.8, and really rate it.

    Premier Icon schmiken

    Whack some 650 wheels in it and see? You’ll need new forks but they’ll fit in the back 🙂

    Premier Icon rickon

    Giant Anthem 29er X1.


    Kinesis FF29 custom built? I did a fairly decent build with change from £1,500 for racing. Weighs in at 10.4kg with basic Rebas and mid range kit.

    Sensible price for the frame (especially for me as I got a mint one from ebay) and although it’s not a silly light frame, you can save the money for lightish bits. I’m running Hope Hoops with Crests which I took from my CX bike. No silly bits but as it’s 1×10 rather than 2×10, it still came in lighter than my old Kinesis XCPro3.

    I think the On-One / Planet X 29er race thing was shortlived because of quality issues? Scandal 29er is often silly cheap if you want to dip your toe in the water though.


    Chinese carbon 29er frame with XT 1×10, Hopes on Crests and Rebas should be doable for that budget.



    What Gee said. The Carbonal frames spring to mind. Sounds like you have some solid parts so the frame, Chinese carbon wheels, tyres and fork should be well within budget.


    Canyon SL

    Comes within budget with a decent spec

    Stumpjumper Comp Carbon. I’ve got one – it’s just starting its third race season and I’m very happy with it.


    Some interesting suggestions. Just spent a long time on that carbonal website eyeing up frames and wheels!

    Thinking at the moment that a Chinese frame and maybe wheels plus forks and tyres could then use most of my current set up that I like. It’s also one of the cheaper options.


    If it takes your fancy (and you’re thinking about 2nd hand) then I’m going to be selling my KTM Myroon Comp 2013. It’s currently my race bike but I’m going 27.5 so my 29ers will be going.

    It’s currently with Crests on Hope Pro 2 Evos with FOX Forks (but I’ll be keeping them so the Rebas will be going back on). Full XT kit (currently 1×10 but all 2×10 bits there) and Ritchey WCS bars and stem with KCNC Scandium seatpost and Selle Italia SLR XC Saddle

    I am also thinking about putting the bike back to standard with the very very lightly used original parts

    Its a 17″

    I’m thinking £1000 in standard format


    Scandal 29er is often silly cheap if you want to dip your toe in the water though.

    This is what I did for a toe dip. 200 quid for the frame. Then 200 quid for Hope/Crest in the halfords Hope sell off. 300 quid for Reba RL forks from Merlin. An X9 clutch mech and a works NW chain ring. A few weight weenie bits from xcracer, the rest from the parts bin or swaps from other bikes. 23lbs build which is pretty good considering the budget. Linky.


    Look for a scott scale in the sales, might only find the lower spec ones left now though.

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