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  • Premier Icon pedalhead

    Ah lovely. Our working cocker died a couple of years ago. Miss her loads. Enojy!


    You can’t beat a puppy thread :o)


    Well, after a long drive to Spalding Moor on Saturday (**** paint spilling tanker on A1), we picked up our new spaniel puppy.

    He’s an 8 week old bundle of energy that for some reason smells slightly of wee. Maybe it was last night’s “accident”…

    Anyway, here’s Ralph:

    And here’s what my other spaniel, Ted, thinks of the new arrival:

    Premier Icon Del

    Ralph looks cheeky. 🙂

    any old excuse:


    coming up to two and a half now, and a bit bigger than that!

    Premier Icon BoardinBob


    My cocker Harry when he was just a pup

    cute buggers the lot of them…………………monty down stairs chomping on a bone as we speak, he says Hi


    Cute dogs all of them.

    Here’s a short vid of Weeta the tick magnet.

    We were only looking after her for a couple of weeks.



    He actually slept through last night! Thank the lord Harry for that.

    Mind you, he was both tired and recovering from his first trip to the vet’s, so it’s not surprising.

    Cute dogs the lot of them. Spaniels are the best breed in the world. Fact.


    Spaniels are the noisiest dog breed in the world. Fact

    in fact next doors trio are busy howling right now

    if I had a gun……..

    Terriers on the other hand 🙂

    Premier Icon Ben_mw

    Somebody said Terrier?

    Yes I know the living room is a tip.


    Sigh. Must stop looking at doggy threads. Cannot have dog.

    Ben_mw that is not a terrier, that is just a dot surely?

    Spaniels + guns = a good day shooting!

    Spaniels do indeed rock, in all their myriad variety!


    Spaniels? – Check (one of them is even trained up…)
    Guns? – Check
    Place to shoot guns, containing pigeons and rabbits? – Check.

    Spaniels are far less noisy that terriers by the way. Ted has only barked a handful of times in the two years we’ve had him and the last lot have been when Ralph has tried to drag away one of “his” toys.

    Other than that, he wines a little when he gets excited (i.e. prior to a walk, out on the farm, any sign of a tennis ball in my hand) and that’s about it.

    Premier Icon Ben_mw

    The Dot grew up!

    Same toy….

    She does have a hell of a voice mind – she hasn’t yet realised that the neighbours do not value her opinion.

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