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  • New PS3 owner in need of advice…
  • ncfenwick

    Just sold my old Xbox 360 and bought a PS3 (because of the blu-ray factor). A couple of questions for any PS3 owners out there;

    1. Does the PS3 also ‘upscale’ standard dvd’s and if so how is the quality?

    2. It is worth buying the remote control?

    3. I was a Call of Duty player on the Xbox what is MW3 like on the PS3?



    1. Yes, it’s ok not BluRay standard but looks fine on my 42″ screen
    2. Absolutely.
    3. Great game, play it all the time. Usually without any crashes or lag.


    I can only offer an answer for your second question – if you are going to be using it as dvd player, i would suggest getting a remote control.
    I got mine off ebay – about 20 quid.

    Premier Icon seosamh77

    1. yip it’s fine.
    2. don’t see the need myself
    3. Battlefield 3.



    2) Better with.

    3) I got COD4 MW and MW2 from Sainsbury’s for the PS3 before Xmas for £30 for the 2. I’ve enjoyed them tremendously.

    Premier Icon njee20

    Not bothered with a remote myself – you get 2, they’re just joy-pad shaped not long and thin…


    yes, very good.
    yes, definitely.
    very good.


    Cheers guys sounds like I won’t be disapointed. doing the remotes for 12.99 so prob worth the purchase.

    MW3 better than Battlefield then?


    MW3 better than Battlefield then?

    yep, any day!


    if you like to ‘run and gun’…

    Premier Icon simon_g

    My remote has got a lot more use since they changed iPlayer so that it doesn’t need the analogue stick any more. It lived in the drawer for a long time because I’d always need a controller handy anyway, just for that.

    £13 is probably fair value if you’ll be using it for watching things as much as gaming.

    Upscaling of DVDs is as good as any other DVD player I’ve used and at least the slim ones aren’t so noisy either.

    Premier Icon seosamh77

    MW3 better than Battlefield then?


    Premier Icon sparkerfix

    I found a wireless keyboard to be a worthwhile addition as well.


    I don’t see the need for a separate DVD controller. Joypad is pretty intuitive.

    On the MW3 versus Battlefield 3 front, depends what you want. IMHO BF3 is far superior but if you like quick run and gun type multiplayer MW3 is for you. Leave BF3 to the grown ups 😉


    Remote is very handy, but baby’s an cats can sit or stand on it and stop your viewing pleasure. As its Bluetooth you don’t have To point it at ps3 for it to work, but you can’t use 5 in 1 type remotes with it.


    if you are going to use the bluray alot then its probally worth the buy, also your missus ( if you have one) may struggle to use the pad if not used before, upscaler is fine and personally bf3 is far better , but its a different type of shooter. mw3 for me hasnt moved on. its to easy and gets boring to quickly. woth a purchase but at only at half price !


    2) If your telly has HDMI-CEC you can use your TV remote to control the PS3. HDMI-CEC generally branded based on the manufacturer, e.g. Anynet+ (Samsung); Aquos Link (Sharp); BRAVIA Link and BRAVIA Sync (Sony);

    Works on my Samsung – not tried any other makes.


    Blu ray does up scale to i beleive ‘near HD quality’ – whatever that is.
    I dont have a seperate remote once you get used to using the controller that is all you need.
    COD is the future, just brought Battlefield 3 because i fancied a change but played it online a handful of times and went back to the latest COD.
    Post your PS3 username and I’ll play you online.


    One worthy addition is PlayTv. Basically a little box which your aerial plugs into, and then connects to the PS3 via one of the USB ports. You then install the PlayTV software (it comes on a dvd), and your PS3 is now a PVR. It upscales standard definition TV, and is really slick. You can’t get them new anymore, but I got mine 2nd hand in Game for £12.99 – there are plenty on Ebay too.

    Absolutely fantastic bit of kit, the only downside is that you have to download a software plug in to get series link functionality, which costs £6.


    Remote is worth it if you watch DVDs a lot.

    I ended up getting a stand alone Blu-ray player though. PS3 was fine, but a stand alone has slightly better sound quality.

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