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  • New (proper) headphones required – options?
  • jekkyl

    I have the same problem with earbuds. Search ‘Phillips earhooks’ £30 for a ‘sports’ pair that do the job very well for me, I’m presuming you mean whilst cycling as you didn’t say. You don’t need to spend 150 smackers.


    The ATs should be a good buy. Also check out AKG I’m very with mine, also like Shure headphones I use their earbud types too and an awesome sound quality and fit.

    Premier Icon stats

    Grado SR80i’s would the best buy under £150. Do a bit of searching and you may find SR125i’s for £150.

    I’m about to click buy on some Audio Technica ATH-M50s as a) I’m sick to death of my oddly-shaped ear canals rejecting any kind of earbud types, and b) I bought the wife a new handbag and I’m now allowed to treat myself up to the same monetary value.

    Anything else I should be considering in the same ilk as the ATs? Not interested in generic bass-heavy fashion ‘phones. Budget is ideally less than £150.

    Premier Icon househusband

    stats +1 on the Grado SR80’s – ended up getting mine from Amazon as it was cheapest at the time. Use them with a wee FiiO Alpen E17 DAC/amp from whatever source I choose.


    I’ve got the Grado SR80s too and reckon they’re great.


    the Grados if it’s private, you’ll be very unpopular with them in public.


    I’ve had no complaints with my Sennheiser HD25s.


    You could save some cash and get these –

    Very good headphones, easily worth a lot more than you’ll pay for em. I bought em to mix with but also listen to toonz with em.


    ATH-M50 for me – £90 on ebay at the mo! Lovely sound for music and films. Use a Fiio DAC when I need more oomph 🙂


    Sennheiser PX360 here. Excellent sound quality and very comfortable to wear.

    Premier Icon dannybgoode

    Do check out the Marley range – they are exceptional ‘phones for the money.

    Sennheiser HD580 or 600’s are very very nice if budget will stretch.


    Danny B


    I got fed up with in-ear phones falling out due to poor fit regardless of which size tips I use, after a bit of research found these comply foam tips.

    Work like earplugs but very soft and squishy, they really do expand and hold the phone in place. I never have any problems with them dropping out while cycling – just be careful on road as the sound insulation is very good. They do different versions for different models of headphone.

    I have them on Klipsch S4i, I think they have recently upgraded the leads to make them more robust as well.

    I tried the sennheiser sports headphones with the band around the back of my head, but found they generated too much wind noise from the loop around the ears when going fast which really annoyed, maybe more suitable for jogging , gym etc.


    Musical Fidelity EB50s come with more earbud shapes and sizes then you can imagine and are exceptional. Musical Fidelity have just released an over ear headphone too which have to be worth a look/listen

    Premier Icon hatter

    +1 more for Grado SR80i’s, they’re utterly unwelcome in public and make you look like you should be on the radio to a squadron of spitfires but the sound is just beyond reproach.

    I also own a set of Denon AC751 earbuds and a pair of B&W P5’s, neither are exactly slouches in the sound department and much more suited to wearing out of the house but the sound isn’t a patch on the Grados.


    +1for sennheiser hd25s.

    I make videos for a living and have used hd25s for 15 years. I travel a lot and always take them with me. Way better on a plane than the hideous noise cancelling ones and comfy for long periods (often all day)

    Good, flat response, no ‘super bass’ nonsense.

    Oh, and one of the the pairs I have now are 6 years old, get dropped constantly whilst I’m working and are still going strong, really robust.

    Have occasionally strayed from them but I always come back.


    Speaking as someone who has struggled to find eartips that would stay in place, and properly seal my ear canal as well, I can recommend these without hesitation:
    Three important things with these: use the triple-flange eartips, and make sure you put them in correctly; pull the earlobe out as you push them in, it opens the ear canal allowing the eartips to fit in better.
    They have reinforced memory-wire leads so the cables loop over the top of the ear and down the back, so if the cable gets pulled, it won’t pull the earphone out.
    They have angled plugs, so there’s little stress on the wire when the phone or player is in your pocket, meaning they last a lot longer; mine are over two years old, and I use them a lot, particularly at work.
    Soundwise, for a compact IEM, ( In-Ear Monitor), they produce an astonishing amount of bass, but it’s not overpowering, vocals are clear and well-balanced, and the top-end is nicely detailed. I’ve got three pairs, first pair without a remote, the other two in a sale, BOGOF deal, so I got two pairs for $24.95, and I love them to bits.
    Otherwise, I’d recommend Shure SE215’s, also with the triple-flange eartips, and for exactly the same reasons, also these have replaceable cables, and you can get them for £75.


    I have a pair of SR80’s (old now so not the i’s), they sound fantastic.
    Open backed though so not great if there is background noise, or if you’re trying not to disturb someone else in the room.

    The foam on my earpieces is starting to break down now but I’m assuming I can get replacements from Grado.

    Thumbs up for the Grado’s from me.

    Premier Icon simonbowns

    Demo some- decent shops’ll have a few sets, Audio Technica run their own demo via post- that convinced me to go for ath m50, but different people prefer different headphones-closed/open etc.

    Premier Icon Stoner

    Im an audio-luddite, but I got a flyer in my inbox from morgan computers the other day, and they are hawking these for a £100.

    No idea if they are any good, reviews seem OK. But you just have to get them for the name.

    Premier Icon AlexSimon

    I listened to lots and lots 13 years ago when I bought mine.
    Didn’t get on with Sennheiser or Grado at all. As soon as I listened to the Beyerdynamics I was totally sold.

    Mine are Beyerdynamic DT 531 and were about £130 at the time and they are still sounding superb (changed the pads twice, but that’s all). I listen to them 4 hours a day every day (while I work).

    The equivalent now might be the DT 860 Edition or maybe the 440 depending on current pricing.


    I have the ATH-M60s and they’re awesome IMO. Sennheiser HD25s are very good too.

    I wouldn’t buy open-backed headphones unless I was very sure I was only ever going to use them at home/somewhere quiet.

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