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  • New printer time, what's good and reasonable running costs?
  • Premier Icon midlifecrashes

    It’s about time we got a proper wireless printer, for mixed home use, photos, kids homework etc. Would be nice to print from phones, iThings too. Don’t want to be having to change ink cartridges all the time. Anybody bought recently and would share their thoughts to save a bit of legwork? Is colour laser worth considering for toner longevity?

    Thanks in advance.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    I was sick of inkjets breaking after a year or so and costing a fortune to run when they were not broken.

    Got a B&W laser and it’s the best (computer peripheral buying) decision I have ever made in life. Completely hassle free.

    We just get our photos printed and posted to us.

    Premier Icon leffeboy

    I ended up using a b&w laser for most stuff and an inkjet for the occasional colour thing. Seems to work nicely and with brother lasers they try and stop you using the high capacity cartridges in their cheap printers but break a little plastic tab and it fits nicely 🙂


    Very happy with my Epson WP-4015; been using it for about 18 months now with absolutely no problems, and reasonable ink costs – the big cartridges last ages, and are very simple to change – have stuck so far with genuine ink but cheaper equivalents also available. Quick; quiet; handles thick card and envelopes well using rear sheet feeder; double sided printing saves paper.

    Premier Icon Stoner

    got this.
    happy with it

    big fan of morgancomputers/ijt


    I’ve got a Dell 2150 colour laser printer, works fine. It plugs into the network and wifi router, so should work from phones etc. The toner is expensive, but it lasts ages.

    Its not really that great for photos, but fine for maps, posters, homework etc. If I want good quality photos printed, I’ll just order them from Photobox etc.


    If you want cheap, reliable and B/W go for a B/W laser if you must have a colour inkjet and only use it occasionaly expect to change cartridges often as they will dry out.

    b r

    Last time we bought a Kodak. Cheaper cartridges than pretty much anything else and no troubles.

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