New Pike Ultimate issue…kind of

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  • New Pike Ultimate issue…kind of
  • vooomvooom

    Not really an issue with the acctual forks as such…at least, I hope.

    I’ve received a brand new Pike Ultimate that I bought from Vanilla Bikes.

    The problem is, I’m not 100% it’s a brand new fork or refurbished one.


    That’s my second Pike Ultimate…first one I bought from CRC. After the first ride, I had to return it under warranty because there was a knocking noise coming from the fork (0 tokens inside). So I send it back for service, and CRC sends me a “new” one instead…but after VERY close inspection I could see the black paint slightly rubbed off (had to look very close to see that) on the edges of lower legs and the edges were slightly rough to the touch, especially around wiper dust seals. There was grease around the damper cap, bite marks from the damper removal tool – all slight but visible. LS/HS caps were ratling, although screwed tight. After unscrewing the caps turns out first little o-ring wasn’t there. On Sram’s website there’s a blow out photo of the damper’s parts, and the very first o-ring is there.

    So I’ve decided to return the forks and asked for refund.

    Now I’ve received new forks from VB and they are they same as the second fork from CRC. The serial number is different though.

    serial numbers of each fork, in order I received them:


    Am I exaggerating? Would it be VERy obvious if the forks were refurbished. Is it even possible that I would receive refurbished forks (while them being sold as new)?

    Would appreciate any feedback.

    Premier Icon notmyrealname

    I noticed this yesterday on my Pike Ultimates too.

    Only two rides old and they were knocking so much I thought the caliper or axle was loose at one point!

    Looks like I’ll need to return them under warranty as well.


    Same here, had to check every part on the bike for possible sources of that noise.
    I was very surprised, and dissapointed, that it happened. CRC never came back with an answer when I asked what was the issue – just send the replacement fork straight away.

    Do you know what could be the problem? I couldn’t find any answers online.


    I’ve just had a charger 2.1 rct3 damper fitted to my B1 Revelations (along with debonair spring). The top cap/damper adjustment dial is very rattly – are we saying this is normal?

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    Eldest_oab had a blown damper and rattling three weeks in to using his Lyric RC2’s on a new Radon.
    Shoddy rs build quality?

    Premier Icon Sir HC

    Shoddy rs build quality

    Thought rockshox had got past the days of shipping forks with no oil in the lowers.

    I still pull brand new forks apart and check they’ve been built properly. Old habits are difficult to change after getting two pairs of boxxers which were dry!


    My ’18 pikes had a rattly lockout lever that I ‘fixed’ with an o-ring around the outside. I sent them off for service last summer and they came back rattle free. Performance has been ok though.


    I’ve never bought brand new forks before…I wasn’t expecting to have such problems. All the reviews for charger 2.1 damper and Pike/Lyrik Ultimate were very good, so I was buying with confidence, also they are not cheap. I’m going to take them to a local bike shop for someone to have a look at them.

    Premier Icon notmyrealname

    I’ve never bought brand new forks before…I wasn’t expecting to have such problems

    I’ve had one or two new sets in the past and never had any issues. With the knock on mine I thought it was just something loose somewhere but it appears not.

    I’ll head back out on the bike when I get time early next week and see if it’s still there and if so they’ll be getting sent back for a warranty claim. I noticed it on my first rode on the bike but I can’t say I noticed it on the second. Will have to wait and see.


    If you think yours are used then never I repeat never buy any forks or wheels from Cycle Surgery

    F bastads

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