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  • Premier Icon ir_bandito

    Time to replace/upgrade mine and the wife’s phones. I’ve pretty much got the options down to a Sony Xperia M for £9/month, or Xperia SP for £13/month (both on cashback deals)

    I’d prefer an Xperia Z, but can’t get them for less than £20/month and I just don’t want to spend that much.

    So, any experience with the M or the SP? Is the SP worth the extra few quid a month?


    I’ve got the SP and it’s great, not that I’ve got much experience of other phones with which to compare. It’s a good solid build (has aluminium edge) and as big a phone as I want to carry around. I haven’t looked for a while but when I got it I couldn’t find a waterproof case that is specifically fitted for the phone. Might be something available now as it’s been around for a few months now. Worth considering this if you want to use it for outdoorsy stuff. Mine’s been fine without one so far.
    I bought mine – insurance paid out for my water damaged Xperia Neo V and have it on sim only for £11 and insured.

    The insurance company initially sent me an inferior model (Xperia U) and a few relatively small things made it feel not as good as it should be so I was happy to get the SP in the end.

    Van Halen

    i`ve got the M.

    i use it for a mp3 player that can be a phone occasionally and its great. (compared to a wildfire s and a desire somethingorother).

    quite big. defo wouldnt want it any bigger. quite thin so noticeably more bendy then the HTC’s. 2GB onboard memory seems ok for now. keyboard is a bit fiddly but i’m guessing i`ll get used to that.

    internet works ok. dunno what else to say. its a box that does stuff! never had a top end phone so i dont know what they are supposed to be like!


    Got an SP… think it’s great… especially the screen, bigger and better than an iphone… (but not too big … I’d come from a small phone and was a bit worried about the size of the phone in general but its ok)

    Premier Icon ir_bandito

    Just found another bargain, anyone know about the Samsung S3 Mini?


    Motorola Moto G and get cheap SIM only contract

    Phone £160/24 = £6.67pm


    eg Virgin Sim only deal £7 pm (150 minutes, unlimited texts, 500MB data)

    ~£14 pm – better phone no contract. Win.


    Samsung S3 mini is a pretty good phone – and you can put a micro sd in it. Just put a 32gb card in mine so no longer need to buy an mp3 player.
    Mine is 11 months old and still holds a charge pretty well (2 to 3 days ish).

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