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  • New Panaracer Gravel Range – Any users?
  • letmetalktomark
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    Hi Folks,

    Browsing for some new tyres to replace a pair of 43mm GK SK tyres I see Panaracer have refreshed their range.

    Anyone using these yet?

    I’m curious to know how they size up as my experience of the older versions is that they came up bigger than specified (my 43s are over 45 on my rims).

    Why is this important …. They now have 5mm increments in the range so no more 38mm or 43mm.

    I’m curious to know if the 40mm is more like a 43mm and the 45mm more like a 47mm (that I would struggle to accomodate).

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    I have the 40mm standard version and they come up big (41.5) on my JRA rims.

    They are however brilliant – tubeless seal first time, they give a feeling of fast rolling on both gravel and road, seem pretty robust. So much better than the previous iteration.

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    Thank you @curto80.

    I’m a real fan of the originals so this sounds very good!

    Hmm 40 or 45mm choices, choices :-)

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    I haven’t seen any in 40 or 45mm yet, maybe just the places I’m looking, but I’m undecided whether to take a punt on some SK 43mm.

    I’ve got some very lightly used Semi Slick in 700c x 35mm that aren’t different enough from the Pacella 35mm I’ve been running as a winter road tyre.

    I’m hoping the SK in 43mm will be an all rounder for off-road duties. Or I’m tempted by the WTB Riddlers in 45mm. The 40mm Raddlers were really good considering they were probably OEM tyres.


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    Off topic but I prefer raddlers to riddlers. No slower on road and significantly better off road.

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    @bigblackshed … get them whilst you can as Panaracer have discontinued the 38mm and 43mm series of tyres.

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    They’d have to be pretty bad if they were to be as awful as the original GKs

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    The Panaracer shop on Amazon is selling the semi slicks in 700×43 for £30. Not massively cheap but still a good price.

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