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  • Premier Icon stevied

    Try both and see which one you prefer.


    Yeah I appreciate what you are saying, however the Triban 5a is a 70 mile round trip to try it.

    They are the only 2 decent bikes within my price range, so was more hoping for some pro’s/cons and comparison from some people with a lot more knowledge than myself!

    I believe the Allez is a double and the Triban is a triple. btw


    On a similar note, is there geometry for the B’Twin bikes on t’internet anywhere? I was looking at their carbon models earlier, seems bizarre to imagine anyone would buy one online without a clue of the sizing.

    Just fun facts like:

    Versatility – BTWIN FC carbon frame is at ease on all road surfaces and hills
    Directional control – its uniform components make the handlebar very easy to handle

    For a size guide: click on “Quelle taille choisir ?” on the French site:

    How tall are you?


    For new: lifetime warranty.

    For used: possibly better resale value.


    Nope, I don’t think there is much unless you muse around the Triban forum.

    I would obviously go and test it before I buy, however the Allez is practically a 2 minute walk from me, so convenience I was seeing if it would be worth buying that, rather than a big round trip to Decathlon!


    Well this would be my first road bike, so I am just testing the water really to see if I like it or not.

    So on that point, I could probably get the 2010 Allez and if I don’t like it basically make my money back?
    On top of that, what would you pay for a 2010 Allez that has seen less than 200 miles and has been kept indoors at all times?


    I realise this is entirely subjective, but 70 miles there and back doesn’t seem that far to me to go and try a bike? I commute further than that to work each day 😯

    Ultimately if you try them both then you’ll know the answer to your question, so seems worth it to me!


    have been looking at road bikes for the last couple of weeks and now have the opportunity to buy one…I have a bit of a conundrum though…

    I can buy a sub 200 mile Specialized Allez 2010 for £400, or I can buy a brand spanking new Triban 5a for £430…the Triban has full Sora, and I believe the Allez has 2300 – however the Allez being an easily upgradable frame and all…

    Then there is colour, the Allez is white and beautiful, the Triban is Dark and stealth like…

    Help!!! I want both!!!

    I would buy the Allez, ride it as much as possible. See how you get on with the double, see if there are any aspects of the ‘fit’ that don’t quite work. You know that you can sell it again for £400. Once you have a bike and ride it, it will soon become clear if it is the right one.

    Then the next time you are near a decathlon try the Triban. As you will be used to the Allez, any differences that are good / bad will become clear. If the Triban is better, sell the Allez and buy the Triban???

    Maybe a bit of hassle, but if you can’t decide between the two, the only way to choose is by fit and comfort.

    Premier Icon nedrapier

    flowerpower’s is a good plan. I would do that.


    BTWIN FC carbon frame is at ease on all road surfaces and hills

    Reminds me of some of the rubbish you get on wine bottles: “Ideal with all food or enjoy on its own”


    Indeed it does sound like a good plan. I’ll go and have a go on it at the weekend and possibly pass over some cash if I like it!


    With regard to shifters, Allez has 2300 sti and Triban has sora 2013…I am presuming Sora 2013 is going to be far more friendly?

    Premier Icon buck53

    The Triban is a frame worthy of upgrades too. I’d be going for that if it were me, but mostly for the ‘brand new bike’ novelty.

    Ok – am going to stick my neck out here 🙄

    OP – you are trying to think about the road bike in the same way as an mtb… what shiny bits does it have and which shiny bits are ‘best’.

    IMO the most important thing about road bikes is the fit to your body. There is a difference between road kit, but it isn’t so great or important, it doesn’t make the difference between a comfortable bike and an uncomfortable one. At the price you are paying you don’t want to have to fork out on a new stem, seat post or bars to make the bike rideable. Just go and try them and make your decision, if you don’t want to travel try the nearest one first.

    End of lecture – sorry 😳

    Of course colour is always important! 😉


    So really a road bike at this level is essentially just that, bells and whistles on it are not as important as the fit?

    Judging by that I’m looking too much into Sora 2013 vs 2300 etc.

    Well I’ve asked for more info on the Allez and a few pictures before I go and see it on Saturday, and then if Decathlon have stock I’ll get on the train over to there and see what fits there.

    Geometry wise, they are going to be quite different are they not?

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