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  • New Oneup Threadless carrier into Fox 38… Hack content.
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    When Oneup released their new EDC Threadless carrier I was pretty happy, until I realised that it wouldn’t fit the Fox 38’s, due to the ovalised steerer tube. Wasn’t really keen on cutting threads into a brand new fork when there are still creaky csu’s being warrantied, so wondered if it could be adapted to fit.
    Well, the simple answer is yes, I bought one on a whim today, knowing that it would fit my other bike if the hack didn’t work, but on doing the measuring I discovered this thing is sooooo close to fitting, I really can’t understand why Oneup couldn’t do it in the first place!
    The pinch point on the ovalised steerer measures 21.4mm internally, the lower part of the carrier measures 21.8mm diameter, so essentially .2mm from the both front & back faces needs to be removed.
    10 minutes with a file & we have enough clearance.
    Just thought I’d throw this out there in case anyone else was curious.
    Now I realise I’ve voided any warranty on the part & if I’d had to remove a lot of material I wouldn’t have chanced it but the carrier has plenty of material in this area I doubt it will affect anything.
    Only thing I can see that is different from a standard fitting now is that the plastic tab on the tool now faces backwards/forwards, rather than sideways, as the new tools are keyed into the carrier, rather than being able to twist like the original.

    Pics to follow once I’ve taken it all apart again!

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    Hi-tech method to measure internal diameter…

    As you can see below, plenty of meat left after reducing the thickness.

    Job done.

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    Nice work, I’m looking to get one of these as my Manitou steerer is too wide (ID) to tap threads

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