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  • newbey

    This post is mainly as a massive thanks to everyone on here who I’ve bought stuff off over the years. I finally got a camera, and following a little accident in Salford with my old bike have re-built this frame with some new (and second-hand) bits.


    Profile by hopsinjoor, on Flickr

    A list of parts, and where I got them.
    The GT Arrowhead frame was bought from here in 2004 from a guy called dammitamit (don’t think he posts anymore).
    I got the Rockshox Tora SL forks a few days ago from Dark Side (many thanks).
    The XT/Mavic wheels from CarlThomas,
    the LX disc brakes from bri-72,
    the Deore XT front derailleur from Dylan08,
    the On-One Inbred saddle from gonetothehills,
    The Kenda Stick-E tyres I got from James Garbett in 2006
    and the DMR V-8 peddles I got from the classifieds in 2007.
    Most other stuff from CRC. Of note, the frame is now disc compatible thanks to the A2Z frame disc mount from woolyhatshop.

    Rear Brake by hopsinjoor, on Flickr

    Front Wheel by hopsinjoor, on Flickr

    Overkill by hopsinjoor, on Flickr

    Cockpit by hopsinjoor, on Flickr

    The bars need cutting down a bit, but didn’t fancy doing that just yet.

    Inbred Saddle by hopsinjoor, on Flickr

    Drivetrain by hopsinjoor, on Flickr


    Nice bike! Top effort! 🙂

    That stem looks like its in another time zone to the rest of the bike!

    Nice to build up a bargain though, have fun


    Good work and glad you treated yourself to a Chris King every bike should have a little bit of candy on it!


    Thanks guys, I’ve ridden it down the street to check out a few things and see what else needs doing to it, really nice.

    I agree with you @The Swedish Chef, I got that from CRC to go with the handlebars, and I might be getting a shorter stem to replace it with soon enough.

    @soma rich I convinced myself it was a good buy as I’ve only heard good things about them, and from what I’ve heard they last forever (or as good as) so it made economic sense to buy one.

    I’ve got an XT rear mech to come soon, so that will be nice on the back.

    Other than that, I’ve got to do a little tweaking here and there, and it will be a fine steed.

    /new bike feeling. 😀


    Red white and blue hardtail FTW

    Premier Icon fathomer

    I like that, very nice indeed!


    Very nice! Reminds me of the Zaskar i used to race in the 90’s….

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