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  • Not sure what the changes are to the evo ti. But my mate has bought one, and it is awesome. I ride a carbon 456 and a lynskey 29er. And I still want one. My local trails are afan and Glyncorrwg. I can get more information if you want


    Slacker head angle, longer and lower probably.

    It does look nice on the emails today….but weeny wheels and no dropper!!!! Just the same as my current steed.


    Just got an email and it looks really nice.
    There’s just one thing that niggles me.

    The On-One Ti 456 is in many ways the perfect mountain bike. A titanium frame with a 10 year warranty, up to-the-minute geometry suitable for 4,5 or 6 inch forks, dropper-post compatible, ISCG 05 mounts… the list goes on. Now available with SRAM X5 or X9.

    What the hell is this “up to the minute geometry”?
    Is it better than the last? Or is it possibly the emperors new clothes.
    I know the bike is made by better people now and is dropper post compatible and all those things.
    It’s just the altered geometry I don’t get. Can anyone clarify?


    Is it better than the last?


    Slacker head, lower BB, steeper seat angle, same top tube length.


    Here’s mine


    I think i’d like one of these. Is the TT as high on these as it is on the Summer Season? (my only complaint really) Anyone have a pic of a 20″ frame built up?

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    *sighs* Any chance of sliding dropouts?

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    What the hell is this “up to the minute geometry”?

    They do put the geometry on the website you know…

    Ti 456 Evo linky:

    Basically the same as the 456 Evo2 (Steel) linky:

    have a read, compare it to some other frames, see if you like the numbers…

    What the hell is this “up to the minute geometry”?

    Read fashionable geometry basically. The current trend is long slack and low to make it fun pointing down, combined with a steep seat angle to aid climbing…it works though.


    does anyone know if the 456 carbons would take a long seatpost slammed? i would like a dropper post to fit and judging by the pics on website looks like a tapered seatstay thingy?!

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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