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    needs to be:
    – robust, preferably metal
    – fairly quick to inflate an MTB tyre to about 30psi or a road tyre to about 80psi, but not with a mechanism that is too gimmicky and fragile
    – not too big – c.8″ max
    – can be used on presta and schraeder valves but (and this is the key point) doesn’t have silly little plastic bits that you have to swap around depending on the valve, and inevitably break or get lost within a month of having the pump…

    Premier Icon PMK2060

    Lezyne Pressure Drive Mini ABS Pump. Great little pump.


    Agree with PMK2060.

    I finally, finally went for that same pump and it’s excellent – decent Psi from it and the ABS system helps prevent valve core removal. Not cheap though but a good bit of kit is worth the extra in the end.

    This thread suggests some further options you may wish to consider.


    Topeak Race Rocket for me – small, with tube to protect the valve and a socket that swaps easily between P & S valves. If it had a gauge, it would be perfect.


    I treated myself to one of these recently. Under 8″ long with a decent amount of extension to give longer stroke, up to 120psi, shrader/presta with no fiddly bits, and an extending tube thingy that makes it look old skool. Jubbly.

    Haven’t actually pumped anything up with it yet so no idea how well it works!


    thanks all, will check those out.
    don’t mind spending a bit of money given how much I’ve wasted on crap pumps.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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