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  • New mattress time. Any experience?
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    I work in the PU foam industry and commissioned the Tempur plant in Tennessee.

    Tempur are the best PU mattresses irrespective of the above statement but they do take some getting used to.

    We have had a Simba (lasted three years), currently on a Emma – I can get them If it wasn’t for that we’d be on pocketsprung wool topped. I also fed our knackered Simba back into the manufacturing chain that’s not normally open to consumers – I’d consider end of life if buying PU as it’s a big slab of foam to correctly environmentally dispose of.

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    Hi. I was in the same boat a while back, feeling the springs on my old mattress. I ended up getting a thick mattress pad, and it made a huge difference. It added extra cushioning and made the bed way more comfortable.

    As for finding a new mattress, I’d recommend checking out memory foam mattresses. They have that “sinking in” feeling you mentioned, and they’re great for back support. Brands like [edited by Mod] are pretty popular for their comfort and quality.

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    Consider the thickness of the mattress relative to the frame. Beds used  to come with high bases and comparatively thin mattresses. Modern beds come with thick mattresses and comparatively thin bases.
    Guess what happens when you put a modern thick mattress on an old thick base?

    I need to Fosbury flop into bed at night, it’s so high. I’m considering a bigger set of those steps that they have for Dachshunds to get on the sofa.

Viewing 3 posts - 41 through 43 (of 43 total)

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