New Lovefilm account (streaming & disc)- Recommend me some films

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  • New Lovefilm account (streaming & disc)- Recommend me some films
  • ross980

    As above. Mainly looking at films from the last 18 months or so (that being when I last cancelled a Lovefilm subscription).
    Not into horror films or Westerns, but pretty much anything else goes.


    Last film I rented from LF which I thought was great, and thought about for a few days after was Untouchable.

    Premier Icon jekkyl

    Logans run
    all the thick of it TV series are on there. **** **** **** ing **** shit bastard ****
    Xmen first class.
    Big Ass Spider 😆

    will post more when I think of them. If you have little uns all the peppa pigs (snort) are on there.


    Thick of It is awesome, but I already own the box set.
    Untouchable – Thanks, will look at that (I had images of Kevin Costner in a beige flasher mac, then realised my mistake)

    On demand is rubbish Ross for the films. The odd newish release pops up every now and then.

    We’ve just been using it to watch series’s’s’s’s. For that its worth a fiver a month.

    As above, love film streaming catalog is crap, think they are bottom of the ladder after Sky and netflix so movie selection is old and poor quality. Their boxset selection isn’t much better, only random series of say Walking Dead.

    Got it on a 3 month trial cheap and won’t be extending. Used to have disc by post and it was far better.


    We’ve just recently gone through the free trials for Netflix, Love Film and Now TV. Netflix seems best for what we watch – enough decent films to be worthwhile and plenty of decent series for us and the kids.

    Love film I found really disappointing. I don’t think I watched a single film for myself (so just some kids ones) and didn’t think much of the other content. I also didn’t find the player to be that good and there was no app for android.

    Now TV just didn’t really seem to have much that we wanted to watch.

    So if I was going to pay for one it’d be Netflix.


    Do the apps happily airplay now? I think LoveFilm didn’t.

    Premier Icon molgrips

    Our recent watches:

    Woochi the demon slayer
    Shaolin Soccer

    All good fun 🙂 There aren’t many big blockbusters on there, but there’s a lot of good stuff all the same.

    I just upgraided my love film post, to streaming and post only to find out there is no app for android?? What’s the reason for this as I’ve been using Netflix for ages now but thought better just one bill coming out as I thought they were pretty much the same thing.

    Premier Icon Cougar

    Bobbins isn’t it. There’s no technical reason, works on a Kindle Fire. In completely unrelated news, Amazon own LoveFilm.

    I’m about to tell them to stick it I think, between being held to ransom with the app and them stopping doing games, I’m pretty much done.

    Yeah I knew Amazon owned LF but just upgraded assuming you could stream on Android phones, the Android market is huge…..isn’t it? Why would a company exclude so many potential customers?
    Does anyone know if there are plans for an App?


    I agree. Lack of streaming on Android is a pain. The LF app on my iPad works brilliantly, no good on my phone though. My advice; sign up through Quidco – £15 cashback and 3 months for price of 1. Hammer it and then cancel in time for the nice weather and light nights 🙂

    I cancelled LF as I became so frustrated with films only being available on Disk. I would open up the App (iPad) and be met with a big sreenshot for a film and think great, I’ll get that, only to find out I could only get it on disk.


    Some of the foreign language film on love film are brilliant

    of note recently, I’ve watched:

    Cell 211
    The Lookout
    The Assault

    I cancelled a while after Amazon took over. I thought with it being such an innovative company that they might do something a bit whizz bang with it but if anything, it just got staler. It’s definitely having its ass whipped by Netflix at the moment – especially if you live in the US – it seems to be them that are doing the innovation.

    Premier Icon mattbee

    Kept Lovefilm long enough to watch Hell on Wheels & The Tudors then cancelled, selection is disappointing at best. Agree it’s really annoying that any relatively popular recent films seem to only be available on disc, not on demand.

    Yeah I think I’ll have to re-think as missus monkey (she won’t be happy with that name) and I both have S4’s and both tablets are android.

    Im just about to swap from lovefilm to netflix. The postal catalogue is fine but there is very little on the streaming service worth watching, not even any little lesser known gems, which i actively look for.

    There’s always something on Netflix either for myself or for the wee lass, I think I may go back. There’s also the fact you can get on the American one but the streaming isn’t the best.

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