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  • _tom_

    Macbooks are nice but very expensive for what you get (imo).

    Personally I'd get a £500ish Windows 7-based laptop. One of the Dell Studio 15's from here would probably be a good choice –

    Either ther £529 or £599 would be great I think, although I'm not quite sure how big a difference there is between i3 and i5 processors.

    People seem to hate on Dells but all my family have always used Dell and none have given us any problems. Still running mine from about 3 years ago for the odd bit of Photoshop and stuff 🙂 Used to rag the tits off it playing Counterstrike and that as well.


    after various pc's and laptops, the macbook we have now is better than all of them put together. worth every penny. if only for the fact that 10seconds after turning it on im working on it not waiting for all the backgroud sh1t to start up. never crashes and does 100 times more than i need it to. worth every penny of my wifes bonus.


    Don't get an HP we have had a load of issues with them melting the power on switch. Common fault apparently. The cooling fans struggle to circulate enough air around.

    Ebuyer has some good deals at the moment.

    b r

    Purchased an Acer 4810TZ for home/work, very impressed with it – so much so I recommended them for a client – they are happy too.

    Fast enough, good screen and an 8 hour battery – Win7 too.

    We got an Acer too (and I am a Mac man at work). £400 from eBuyer – Windows 7, 500gig hard drive, 4gig RAM. Certainly does everything I wanted of it – stores all my pics and music and has limitless free software available (picasa, Microsoft works etc)

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    Thread closed.


    Regarding a mac, just be sure that you're invoices are easily able to be handled by it if your currently using a windows based software setup.

    Toppers post pretty much sums up my thoughts. Any PC laptop nowadays is going to be able to handle the web and photo stuff without too much fuss. I've had Dells in the past, and found them to be better than the likes of HP. Thinkpads have the best keyboards I think, Dell's a close second. Something to bear in mind if your going to be doing a lot of typing is how good the keyboard is. Nothing does my head in more than crappy plasticy keys on keyboard which flexes and bends under little pressure.

    Video editing … Windows 7 will handle most things with its Movie Maker … it does the job. A mac will do it slightly better through iMovie, but if its only for the odd little thing, then I wouldn't get a Mac just for something that I would use rarely.


    Samsung r519 with windows 7 from It'll easily handle all the stuff you
    mention so i'd question what else you'd get by spending more.

    had ours for almost a year now and it's been faultless and only £350


    Mac. After owning one you will never go back to windows.


    Lol. Patently not true. I've got several people at work who've done exactly that because they were after new laptops but didn't think that their macs had really been worth the money for what they were using them for. Got them on with the r519 I recommended above and they're all happy.


    Mac. After owning one you will never go back to windows.


    I've done the hackintosh and whilst it isn't quite the same as owning a mac, the os/software works the same and runs on better hardware! tbh I get a headache after reading text on a mac (not just on my hackintosh) for an extended period of time, it's much blurrier than Windows.

    Gone back to using W7 as I prefer it. Quicker to navigate and just doesn't feel as clunky imo


    I need a new laptop/notebook at the moment I use a laptop
    Now unsure on the Apple as never had one but my daughter
    flies on hers.
    Apart from doing the invoices il be also using it for photos
    and video editing and web browsing etc.
    I also just seen the I pad but unsure on this but open minded
    So some good guidence would be great!!!


    Can't Fault my Dell Inspirion I got for work. I also have a Tosh NB200 which is nice but small and quite slow compared to its bigger brothers

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    I have an acer and it's really good – I have the current ubuntu on it and it's great

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    I'm really liking my sony. after a lot of humming and hawing over what to get decided 4Gb 500Gb HD and i3 processor for about £600 from PC world was pretty decent value and watching the same HD demo vid on it an acer and a packard bell convinced me teh sony had a much better screen.

    Sorry 'bout the lack of caps, lazy typing!


    I've just gone over to windows (for a laptop)

    I couldn't justify the money Apple wanted for a 12" laptop, so I got a Thinkpad x201s instead.

    Only had it a day, I do like Windows 7 😯 it's clean, simple and seems fast.


    macbook, as someone who has used laptops for years and recently moved to macbook pro I really cant understand why i didnt do it sooner.

    Mac. After owning one you will never go back to windows.

    I learnt my trade on a Mac (used one since 1991) and have several Macs in the office. But I also use a Sony laptop every day and I have just bought the Acer ^^^^

    So you are wrong. FAIL! 😉

    As above – I just couldn't justify the additional cost. Of course the decision for the OP will depend entirely on exactly what he wants from the machine, but I made the right decision for me anyway.


    The most bang for your buck to handle video editing is probably an I7 studio from Dell outlet.
    set appropriate filters from here

    I took delivery of a grade 1 "scratch and dent" one of these last month, as a desktop replacement. Not a mark on it and it absolutely flies.

    I chose this spec which was about £650 delivered:
    Studio 1747
    Operating System
    English Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium (64 BIT)
    Memory 4096MB (2×2048) 1333MHz DDR3 Dual Channel
    Hard Disk Drive 320GB HD (7200RPM)
    2nd HDD – 320GB Serial ATA (7200RPM)
    Graphics 1 GB ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650
    Media Bay Optical Drive (DVD+/-RW)
    Screen 17.3in Full High Definition (1920X1080) LED with TrueLife
    System Color Black Chainlink
    Camera Integrated 2.0 Mega Pixel Camera
    Internal UK/Irish Qwerty Keyboard
    Primary 9-cell 85W/HR LI-ION
    Processor Intel Core i7 720QM 1.6GHz (2.8 GHz Turbo Mode, 6MB Cache)

    The combination of processor performance, RAM, twin HDDs, 1080 screen and graphics card should make it pretty good for video editing IMHO (I'm no expert).
    Build quality surpassed my expectations too.


    Mac. After owning one you will never go back to windows.

    I dunno. I have used W7 a few times and it is relatively painless compared to what preceded it. I currently have a MBP 15", but when it dies i will probably go for a Dell purely for some WLED screen/quad core wooshyness.

    …or probably not.

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    The iLife software that comes on Macs sounds right up your alley.

    iPhoto is great for photos, face recognition, geolocation etc. And iMovie is very good and simple to use. The Mac may cost a little more but it's worth it, IMO.


    I have a 15" Macbook Pro for sale if you are interested.
    Snow Leopard,320gb,iWork software loaded,matte screen.

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