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  • New laptop question.
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    Anybody aware of any new laptops which come with a DV port for importing/transferring video from a camcorder.



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    If by DV port you mean Firewire Port then most £350+ laptops will come with a firewire port, worth checking though.


    Cannot go wrong with either Dell, Acer, Asus. Especially Acer.
    You are looking for whether they have a IEEE 1394 Firewire Port on them.

    One other option is to buy any laptop for around £300-400 and purchase a
    “IEEE 1394 PCMCIA Adapter Card” this will slot into the PCMCIA slot on any laptop, depending on which model you get it can give you from 2-4 DV/Firewire ports.

    Be careful though as there are 2 different types of Firewire 400Mbps & 800Mbps, you will obviously pay a premium for 800Mbps, but 400Mbps does the job pretty well.

    Check out : there are a few in the list ranging from £20 – £70.

    You will also need to purchase the correct cable as well if the card does not come with one. Check the port on your camera and check the port of the card you wish to purchase and find the cable, this is a good starting place:

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    mywebsites – Thanks for the info. I was thinking about a card but would have liked the Firewire built in – looks like you have to pay considerably extra for this!

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