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  • New helmet – which one?
  • Buy another pneumo if you like it?


    I'm a Spesh convert as Giros gave me headaches, this is my next one or at least the newer version Hargroves Clicky


    Whatever fits best.

    In typical STW fashion I seem to be incapable of making my own mind up, so could do with some help.

    Currently got a Giro Pneumo which is on it's last legs, so looking to replace it.

    Will spend about £100, and would prefer a well vented design. I'll use it for MTB and Road, and commuting every day.

    I like the idea of the Specialized helmet's mouth port thing, but obviously will try before I buy.

    Any reccomendations?


    cynic-al – Member
    Whatever fits best.

    what he said..

    I've just replaced my Giro Xen with a Uvex XP100. Looks like a Xen, lighter than a Xen, more comfortable than a Xen, cheaper than a Xen. I'm very impressed.

    Cheers all – I know I'll need to get the one that fits best, but I'd like to narrow it down a bit first.

    ta Scienceofficer – only really thought about Giro/Spec so will have a look at the Uvex


    I've got a Met Veleno, which was quite expensive, fits my head shape OK but the padding/straps/adjustment is absolute pony. So, I wouldn't recommend a Met.
    But, as already said – it's the fit that's most important.

    I used to have a Bell and recently tried a Variant which was very comfy, seems well vented, looks OK and will probably be my next choice.
    I think the next one up (in your price bracket) is the Slant.

    Premier Icon meandyuk

    My Bell Sweep XC is comfy as!


    Met Stradavarius – v. light, very well vented and comfy 🙂


    Oh nuts! I meant Sweep – the Slant is one below the Variant.


    Fit is the vital thing but do try a Spesh 2D – not only are they "fine" for road and MTB riding, they also weigh naff all, ventilate tonnes of air onto your noggin and are super comfy. I'm a lifelong convert.


    Never really been keen on Met helmets, no rational reason for this, just think they're a bit "Euro". But if they're comfy and vented then I could get over this.

    Only had Giro or Bell helmets in the past (probably based on marketing at an early age: greg lemond and Giro, John Tomac and Bell)

    Re-reading that it sounds like something Hora would say. Oh dear.


    Met kaos UL can be had for £80 – very light and well vented. I don't notice mine when I'm riding and its miles better than my old Giro Hex.

    Met kaos UL can be had for £80 – very light and well vented. I don't notice mine when I'm riding and its miles better than my old Giro Hex.

    +1 on that. Had several Xens. For my head Kaos much better fit and better ventilated.


    Anything except a Xen…. everyone I had the poppers have broken out.

    Met ChAOS or A Bell for me.


    Assuming it fits the Bell Sweep is bloody exceptional. Bell Sequence is also nice if you want something less racy looking.

    Giro Athlon is pretty good also.

    It's really down to what suits your head shape. I'm between M and L (mushroom head or headache) and I've finally think I've found the perfect helmet for me in the Bell Sweep. The Giro Hex was also good but one of their top end road helmets of same size is far too small.
    Get which one fits the best (and looks OK).


    I'm currently using a Catlike Vacuum

    Light enough but incredibly well ventilated. It's designed to suck air through even at lower speeds so perfect for mountain biking.


    I got me one of these.

    It's ace and actually isn't too hot despite not much ventilation.

    Cheers all, off oop north at the weekend, so will have a look round some of the shops I'm passing.

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