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  • new helmet time
  • Premier Icon valleydaddy
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    I’ve been polishing my helmet and notice it has starting to delaminate, so it’s about time for a change. Its a POC Tectal MiPS it has been a great lid but fancy a change.

    What do you recommend as a replacement?

    Premier Icon cb200
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    After the ratchet broke on my Poc Tectal, I went for a Giro Chronicle MIPS and really like it. It’s smaller, more comfortable and cheaper.

    Strangely, I’m a XL/XXL in Poc sizing, but a M in Giro sizing!

    Premier Icon ta11pau1
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    Just had an Oakley DRT5 delivered, feels really good and has some nice features.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout
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    Eldest_oab just bought himself a Leatt DBX 2.0 – absolutely brilliant helmet for the money. Makes our Giro x2, Mavic x1, Bell x2 and 7 iDP x1 look cheap. Their own version of MIPS, light, reasonable coverage, reasonable venting, nice colour, really well made.

    He is now looking at a DBX 3.0 – https://singletrackworld.com/2019/02/review-the-leatt-dbx-3-0-enduro-v2-is-a-transformer-helmet/

    Premier Icon onehundredthidiot
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    Specialized ambush with mips and angi. Nice bit of kit.

    Premier Icon tdog
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    Anything but a TLD as they are roasty !
    Comfy liner mind

    I bagged a Fly full face carbon recently which is super nice

    I would probably choose a Leatt one next time or a Smith

    Shame 100% don’t do a half lid as cannot find any

    Premier Icon andybrad
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    enjoy my mt500

    until i take it off and i look like a klingon

    Premier Icon razorrazoo
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    Well, the usual response is something that fits is the most important factor.

    I’ve been through a few helmets in recent years, most recent being:

    – Bell Super 2 – reasonably comfy, well made, venting could be better, looks a bit clunky

    – TLD A2 Mips – well made, lovely helmet bag included, very comfy (pads quite thick), gets warm quickly

    – Bell Sixer – just got this recently as found one for a good price, very well made (best quality helmet I’ve had), comfy, a bit better vented than the other 2, some nice little features.  Very pleased and would recommend if it fits.

    I do get a very hot head and would love to find a really cool helmet, but I think this is just a pipe dream (I use a Kask Mojito on the road which is very light and vented and I still sweat buckets in it).

    Premier Icon martinhutch
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    Sports pursuit had some nice Met helmets for fifty quid or so a week or so ago. Not sure whether it’s MIPS or not.

    Premier Icon beaney
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    Another vote for the Specialized Ambush with MIPS and Angi.

    By far the most comfy helmet I’ve ever had, really well vented and the Angi system is brilliant.

    Premier Icon iainc
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    ^^^ I’m on my 3rd Ambush and also find it the most comfy and vented lid I’ve used. Has also saved my head a few times….well the first 2 did anyway 😀

    Haven’t tried the Angi system yet as got the 3rd one just before lockdown.

    Premier Icon dandasbike
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    I’m on my 2nd spesh ambush and really like it, super light too.

    Premier Icon jedi
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    Kali Protectives maya 2 all day long

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