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  • My least favourite sort of bike related shopping needs to be done. After a dodgy moment on a tram track I now have a broken helmet – but luckily an intact head.

    Not sure what sort to go for next – I looked at the ladies fox flux helmets but not sure if they’d work with my hair tied back – any ladies (or blokes with long hair??!!) have one?

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    I have a Giro Feature which has a similar low back and it does make it tricky to tie hair back. You also can’t wear high necked coats with them as the collar pushes the back of the helmet up when you are in an “attack” position (learned this the hard way at Coed y Brenin the other week!). Lovely light helmet though.

    I think I might go for one a similar shape to the old giro I had then as I do tend to wear fleece buffs and high collars


    what brand is your current helmet? if its a giro or a bell then it should be covered by a 3 year crash replacement warranty…(as long as you still have the original reciept and its less than 3 years old) i’ve not had any experiences of bell but i know from experience that giro will replace it at a next to cost price with a similar product.
    if its not covered i would recommend a giro…just bought a hex a few months ago and i have to say its really good.
    when its been cold i’ve managed to wear the helmet in addition to a buff without any problems…

    It was an old giro e2 . . . Definitely older than 3 years, and yes I know it should have been changed before but at least it still worked on sunday night but definitely needs changing now.

    Also I did fit my head well but have tried on a couple of newer giros recently and they didn’t fit so well. Have tried a couple of mets on and may end up getting one of those.

    I dont have any problem with buffs under helmets but getting a ponytail or a fleece hat when its really cold can be a bit trickier

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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