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  • yunki

    that is all


    An ace opportunity for a kip in my experience. went with the Mrs to the IMAX on Sunday and snoozed through half of it. Sorry, but it’s just not that great a movie.

    Tron 3d at the IMAX however, will be ACE!


    i went on friday as my son won tickets and i struggled to stay awake. i just dont like harry potter films 🙂


    i’m going tonight as my lass wants to see it, i fully expect it to be watchable and no more then that. at least i get to scoff jelly sweets for a while


    Saw it yesterday, dragged a bit but my lad loved it. Where we watched it was like stepping back into the ’70s but we were already in Norfolk so it wasn’t very far to travel back. A bright auditorium, tiny seats all on a level – you can see everyone else in the room strangely makes you quite self conscious. It made me realise how good the multiplex experience is (never thoutht I’d say that) especially highlighted when there is bucket of popcorn only ten inches behind your head for most of the film. The wurlitzer and art deco detail were charming for about two minutes.

    The film’s okay, we’ve read the books and there’s quite a lot of detail in the story that feels a bit squeezed in the film but it covers much more than half of the last book. Unless you’re familiar with the experience, I recommend that you don’t watch it in Cromer.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    The last one was good, looking forward to this one…


    I thought it was good.


    I found that there was too much padding and they could have finished it a bit earlier on a cliff hanger.


    as someone who hasn’t read the books and only seen a few of the movies, I found it really boring. ok, its supposed to be a series of films, i get that, but there was no stand alone story, lots of made up words without explanation, lots of characters who ween’t introduced. I didn’t have a clue what was going on! which was a shame as i went with a car load of potter geeks who dissected the whole movie for the drive home, trying ther best to work out which was my favourite character or my favourite bit.


    I had to fight hard not to get dragged along to it by my wife. She went with my daughter in the end and both of them seemed to enjoy it – they’ve both read the books. My son has also read the books but wasn’t interested in going to see the latest film.

    Years ago I started reading the first book but found it very dull so didn’t get far.


    I thought it was good too. Not a HP book reader either.

    Premier Icon jamesgarbett

    My daughter wants to go as she loves the books but is scared witless of Voldemort in the films


    I recommend that you don’t watch it in Cromer.

    I’ve been to the flicks in Cromer too. it was a very old fashioned experience, not least that I couldn’t fit in the bloomin’ seats, made for midgets I reckon!


    I particularly enjoyed the following line from Ron:

    Black wood. 10 inches. Nothing special.


    I thought it was great. Really enjoyed every moment.


    went on a bit

    not the worst one of the series by a long way

    nice scenery

    I liked it, main problem was having not read the books or seen the rest of the films it was a bit difficult to follow the storyline.

    Never realised how attractive witches could be!


    Emma Watson 😯

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