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  • Scarcat67

    Treated myself to a secondhand hardtail….what I have found funny is riding now with 2.1 tyres with tubes and narrow handlebars instead of what I had on my full susser, First ride felt very odd, very quick but odd…by the end of the ride I was feeling more comfortable.. I still have and will use my full susser.

    I wonder if I’ll readjust to new ride ?? What are ST collective experience on first going back riding hardtails out of interest ?

    b r

    Not sure why you’d build it up with narrow bars and tyres – build it same as your FS.


    My ht is set up with the same tyres and similar bars to my fs. I love swapping between the two and have no problem with adjusting from one to the other.

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    I’m completely the opposite! Had my first ride on a full susser today, after an 8 month sabbatical. It will take some getting used to!.

    I like stiff HTs with big tyres, wide bars and a fair bit of fork travel.


    I ride my HT with same width bars as my FS, but bigger tyres for the comfy factor. I love the difference between the two bikes. With HT the ride is much more interactive as I have to choose my lines much more. With the FS…just point her down and away you go. Love them both…just in different ways.


    I’ve got the same bars, grips, saddles and pedals on my bikes. Although they ride differently (fs and ht) I like the way the contact points feel the same. I noticed the difference most when I had different bars and saddles, the rest is probably not as significant.

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    Wide bars, biggest tyres* I can fit and 130mm fork.

    *It’s an old Coyote Dual so this isn’t actually very big. 😳

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