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  • GaryLake

    First good looking GTs in a long time – with Atherton backing I think the name could easily regain it’s highs from the 90s too.

    Never been convinced by the iDrive platform myself (all of the above concerns + weight + ugly non-drive-side) and I’m pretty sure Rach and Gee would win on anything with their form, so it doesn’t mean they’re any good either.

    I’m more open to GT with these than past efforts I’d say. I’d demo one at least to give it a chance rather than dismiss outright.


    The floating bottom bracket thing does seem weird. Sure it rides ok though.

    Premier Icon AlexSimon

    I was quite interested in these as I like my Maverick suspension and thought that an updated i-drive might be the next-best-thing.

    But now I’ve seen them, I’m not so sure:
    1) Very exposed shock and pivots
    2) Pretty complex
    3) BB seems to travel backwards much more than the Maverick
    2) Overly styled
    3) Probably still quite expensive




    Dan Atherton riding his:


    Love them!! Certainly a contender for my FS bike next year.

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    Interested to know how much in line with mud sp latter that shock is

    Premier Icon AlexSimon

    Kryton57 – Member

    Interested to know how much in line with mud sp latter that shock is
    Richard Cunningham answered on pinkbike

    GT includes a cool mud guard on the swingarm to keep some of the muck off the shock.

    I’m sure it’ll work wonders in California!


    Medium travel ripper. 🙄

    Premier Icon kimbers

    1)agree with that , although comencal, santa cruz etc seem to have a similar set up too, if bearings are well sealed and you get a shock cover then its all gravy
    2) see above
    3)rearward axle path is good for big hits?
    4)is it just the nice paint job you object to or that theyve hydroformed some tubes?
    5) compared to what

    of all your complaints about the bikes imho only the potential mud issues are valid

    Premier Icon AlexSimon

    3) yes, but the BB moves back even further than the rear axle. Mind you, it’s not something I’ll judge too much – just seems odd.
    4) That weird ‘gas tank’ area
    5) Compared to the US – they seem to be regarded as a ‘value’ brand in the US, but the recent prices in the UK have been a bit steep.


    I wonder if you notice the stretch in the front centre? Not quite Klein mantra but looks disconcerting to my uneducated eye.

    I had a Mongoose Khyber for a few years and loved it… though the configuration is changed slightly (for the better by the looks of it, as the main problem with the Mongoose the bearing longevity) it is essentially the same system and comes highly recommended…

    In theory, the moving BB might seem odd, but when you think about it, the BB on a conventional bike is also mobile around the motion of the suspension~ generally arcing forward the deeper you go into travel, which will make the bike less stable when the opposite is preferred.

    Reckon the styling is pretty fly too.

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