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  • New GPS computer
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    Inspire me as I am loosing the will to live.
    My Garmin 800 is dieing and I need a new one.
    Essentials: must allow use of OSM and not the awful crap that comes preloaded on Garmins. SD card or download fine.
    Colour screen.
    Basic display, speed and average, heart, climb% times etc on one simple page. ANT+ for sensors. Garmin type mount. Have one on 8 bikes, not buying 8 x another.
    Not wanted ideally as its always to the fore adding to complexity: Any thing to do with a phone. Bluetooth. Its plugged in to charge so can transfer stuff then. Satnav type routing. If I don’t know where I am going I plan before. Did I say, no phone involvement?
    Bought and returned a Garmin 520+. Horrible . Unintelligible manual and those lousy maps. Perfect would be a new 800. Next best thing please.

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    Perfect would be a new 800. Next best thing please.

    Well, a secondhand 800, obviously. You do know you can turn off Bluetooth and all the phone stuff on the newer ones, right?

    Premier Icon mattsccm
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    Yeah but a) I am paying for it and b) the instructions etc completely over power the basic stuff and c) yo can’t get a simple menu. Bought and returned a 520+. Even the online manual didn’t tell me how to find a menu.
    Used has it’s virtues but I might end up buying the same problems I have and be a hundred quid poorer for it.

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    Dare I say it the 530 seemed to get good write ups as did the 830. But then you’ll be spending yet more on shiny new garmin products…

    It is Worth looking used, I’m pretty happy with the 510 I had off ebay (sadly doesn’t do maps), its far from perfect but I paid relatively little for it and I have other devices as backups.

    I do periodically eye up used edge 820s and touring devices to give me another navigation type device to add to the collection. There is something to be said for redundancy when it comes to garmin…

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    Get a wahoo roam if you must have colour and detailed mapping, else I’d suggest a normal Elemnt. The phone interactions are beneficial not a burden and generally speaking “it just works”. Replaced my old 810 with an elemnt and it’s been brilliant.

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    530 it lacks the touch screen ( arguably not a bad thing) and some of the high end nav features but has pretty much everything else. Clear high quality colour screen, WiFi and Bluetooth, gps – glonass & gallileo, turn by turn nav, full maps, loads of fitness features. Boots fast and has great battery.

    Arguably garmins best GPS for features v price

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