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  • mildred

    sorry to hijack the thread, but @mildred, how did you sort the rear suspension on your Blood? Mine never feels quite right, not wrong, but you know, not *right*.

    I know exactly what you mean – this is one of the major issues I had with my original test bike, and prevented me buying one for almost a year. Basically mine has been perfect out of the box. I’ve only ever had failures with the Fox RP23 but this one is just excellent. It is so active without being a chore; you know, in that it’s just getting on with it without any dramas kind of way. Most RP23’s I’ve had in the past have been utter shite and I seriously thought people were insane to rate it.

    Anyway, post up the tune info’ from your shock & I’ll compare it to mine. Also, I’ve found ‘cavitation’ to be a common fault on these shocks; the most obvious symptom is a squelchy sound when pushing down on the bike – you don’t notice the noise whilst riding so do it at home. Also, it makes the damping very inconsistent; I.e. It never feels the same every time you ride. The test bike’s damping was truly shocking (if you pardon the pun). And in frozen ground, especially churned by horses so very bumpy, it simply couldn’t cope and was bouncing me right off the pedals.

    Drop me an email if you like.


    i have a brand new 2012 heckler frame in gloss blue totally unused id let it go for around 900 retail is 1099£ maybe of interest to you maybe not just thought id plug it, i notice that someone above mentioned the ariel , i cannot rate them highly enough a fantastic frame but a touch on the heavy side in comparison to some of the others mentioned


    My 2010 Five frame ,18″ ,apple green,maxle rear will be coming up for sale soon,…..mail me if interested


    Chumba vf2 with a works components headset to slacken it slightly?


    The new Mount Vision gets good write ups, slack and low apparently.


    I have just picked up a mythic rampant off pinkbike for 400 quid..
    should be a fine ride to replace my Kobe.

    I went to freeborn and they said of all the Banshee/mythic frames this one had no problems with the bushings. They have basically stopped selling the Rune etc.

    Thinking at the moment I might keep hold of the Blur unless a 16″ Five became available at the right price.

    FWIW – Stif are doing Butchers at Nickels for £999 at the moment which i must say, is tempting but for some reason they just don’t float my boat.

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    Crikey we’ve got this far without mentioning a Yeti ASR 5?

    For a harder-core fun version of that, the Transition Bandit is hard to beat IMO. The Bandit was second on my list after testing 8 bikes and if it wasn’t for the fact that I wanted it at 120mm / lighter for racing I’d have bought the Bandit

    Bandit 1 or 2? Bandit 1 is 25.7lb. 140mm forks/130mm rear but still climbs very well and hammers back down again. Win races and still have fun on the knarly stuff.

    The front end of the bandit is too high for XC racing at 140, and it’s a short TT. Its not the right shape. Thats not to say it can’t be done. The ASR is a much better geometry for that purpose, especially at 120mm.


    Yup, looks good. No front mech compatibilty though (if that’s an issue)?


    have a look at the NS Soda -100mm version

    I like the look of the DMR Bolt personally as featured on here.

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