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  • New Frame?
  • boblo

    I have a Genesis Day One Alfine that I don’t ride much mainly cos it all feels a bit dead. It’s 725 gas pipe and not especially light.

    I was mulling over the potential benefits of getting something in 853, mebbies a Stoater or suchlike. Happy to buy off the peg/mainstream rather than a nichey Shand but I want something reasonably light with a really lively ride preferably with a road bias and touring potential (braze ons etc). Key for me is weight and ride quality tho.

    Anybody got any ideas/recommendations for an 853 based frame, disks and IGH capable (so eccentric or horizontal drop outs) please?

    How about Tange Prestige HT or does it need to be 853? Soma Wolverine works out about 2.17kg frame weight with the sliding dropouts (non-Rohloff version of the Stoater is quoted at 1950g)

    Thinking of my Steel hierarchy Tange HT is a step down from 853 really, just remember my 1996 Rocky Mountain Equipe being a lovely frame to ride and light for what it was.


    Prestige is fine, I had a Pine Mountain in that BITD. More after the springyness and lighter weight of higher end steel rather a particular brand.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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